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This Is The Right Way To Use Purple Shampoo

Make your blonde hair color last.
When Asian hair is bleached, it transforms into a yellow straw-like hue. And for it to turn into a beautiful blonde color, the stylist must add dye and toner. Eventually, the toner’s effect will fade. It's recommended that you see your colorist

20 Non-Boring And Easy Ways To Style Your Shoulder-Length Hair

Effortless looks ahead!
Shoulder-length hair is the sweet spot between bobs and long locks. The haircut is versatile—you can create different looks with little effort. Whether you've got straight, wavy, or curly hair, these suggestions will certainly take your 'do up a notch!*This story originally

Here's How Often You Can Color Your Hair Without Damaging It

Proper maintenance is just as important as choosing the right hair color.
Coloring your hair can be one of the easiest ways to switch up your look, but it can also be a drastic change should you choose to stray far from your natural hair color.Choosing the color and brand of your hair dye

How to Grow Out Your Pixie Cut

No awkward stages here!
When you're over your current hairstyle and want to change it up, usually you let it grow on its own, right? And once you have the desired length, that's when you cut it to get the style you want. But, the same

These Are the Best Short Haircuts for Every Face Shape

Yes, there's a short 'do that will suit you!
A drastic haircut is something that must be thought over twice, if not thrice. But if you're itching to chop your locks super short, the question is not about whether or not it will suit you—there's actually a short haircut that will

How Hard Is It to Stay Blonde?

Not too hard if you know how to care for it.
WHATKérastase Fusio Dose treatment and masque specifically for colored and damaged hair.CURRENT CONDITIONI always get these two hair questions: Number one, how often do you color your hair? And number two, how do you maintain it? To which I would answer: I

How to Fix Your Frizzy Baby Hairs, According to Hairstylists

Perfect that hairline.
Baby hairs, like an unscratched itch, can bother you all day when left untamed. Even the tightest ponytail doesn't stand a chance against them—it only takes one gust of wind for them to ruin that sleek hairline. Thankfully, dealing with these premature strands

Here Are the Best Salons for Every Hair Service You Need

Have the best tresses always!
Finding the right hairstylist may be likened to finding a needle in a haystack. So below, we put together a reference guide to help you find the perfect salon that can give you the hair cut and color of your dreams. Scroll

5 Ways to Style Your Hair While Growing Out Your Bangs

Look A+ even at that awkward stage.
Ah, the tediousness of growing out your bangs. It's an impossibly awkward, lowkey ugly stage for anyone to go through, but you'll make it—well, as long as you fight the temptation to look sloppy. Below, we give you five adorably doable 'dos

Having the Same Hairstyle is Totally Okay and Here's Why

It's your crowning glory, after all.
I've been sporting a bob with blunt bangs for around four years, and in those years I've realized a little bit more on why women call their hair a crowning glory. It's an identifier, a beacon warning your oncoming approach, a call

LOTD: This Shampoo Hack Might Give You Your Softest Hair Yet

Bet you never thought of this one before.
Convention tells you that it's conditioner, not shampoo, that makes your hair feel super soft. While there's definitely truth in that, it's not 100% the case! Shampoo can do the job just as well, granted that you pick the right one.Speaking of

How to Deal with Gray Hair in Your 20s

All your questions, answered.
Sunscreen and eye cream aren't the be-all end-all of anti-aging. We age elsewhere, too, in places those heaven-sent products unfortunately can't reach. Take our hair, for example. It can go gray right under our noses, and even sunscreen can't help it. In

Here's a Genius Trick to Making Your Hair Smell Fresh All Day

Who would've thought?
In the face of city pollution and strong cafeteria odors, even the best-smelling shampoos struggle to compete. One big enough puff of smoke and your hair-washing efforts can be gone in a flash. Sigh.On the bright side, a quick fix does exist

Here Are Quick and Easy Ways to Style Your Unwashed Hair

Your hair doesn't have to look greasy on its day two!
The impression that only freshly-washed hair can be styled well is a myth. Some hairstylists actually prefer working with day two (or three!) hair, since the strands are more cooperative and malleable.This means that even in a hurry, you can style your

4 Expert-Approved Hair Colors That Perfectly Suit Morenas

Which shade are you getting?
You're free to paint your locks with whatever color you want. Your hair is your canvas, so play around as you wish! However, listening and following some color theories won't hurt as well. Matching the tones of your skin to that of

5 Easy Hacks to Add Instant Volume to Your Hair

Try these at home!
When it comes to hair pegs, you know you can always count on your favorite celebs for put-together locks, models for their low maintenance off-duty 'dos, and the French girls for their perfectly undone tresses. But let's face it, while they're pretty

8 Hacks for Taming Your Bangs This Summer

If there's a will, there's a way!
Getting bangs can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you'll look really good, but on the other, you'll start feeling like a zookeeper. Your fringe eventually develops a life of its own and rebels.Things get trickier when summer