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Bea Alonzo's Home Gym Tour Will Inspire You to Finally Workout

Scroll through below as Bea gives fans a tour of her home gym.
If, like us, you've seen all of Bea Alonzo's YouTube videos, then you know that she's been renovating the third floor of her house to turn it into a more "functional" space: a gym! In her house tour vlog, you may remember

8 Local IG Shops Where You Can Shop Pretty Pastel Workout Sets

Looking for stylish new activewear?
Slipping on cute activewear is half the step in staying motivated to work out. So, arm yourself in the prettiest pastel gym wear so you'll look adorable as you do your morning stretches or afternoon sesh. Now, if you're stumped as to

12 Local Instagram Shops Where You Can Shop Cute Workout Sets

Get yourself cute gym wear that will make you want to work out.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, exercising indoors or at home is now more popular than ever But just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put on your best workout set. Don’t lie, some days your only motivation to workout

6 Amazing Fitness Discounts + Deals In Manila

Start the year strong without hurting your wallet.
Some women prefer to start their fitness journeys in the comfort of their homes. TBH, it’s also the cheapest option: just a laptop, a mat, and maybe a couple of dumbbells. Others, however, need to be in a space that isn’t too

7 Gifts to Inspire Your Best Self in 2017

Simply because you deserve it.
Your mom? Check! Your dad? Check! Your bestfriends? Of course, check! But wait! You forgot to include yourself on the list. Well, that’s not a surprise because every holiday season, we spend most of our time trying to figure out what our

The Hunkiest Gym Instructors in Manila

We’ll give you a reason to start hitting the gym.
You started 2015 with a goal: to stay healthy and make #twentyfifTHIN happen. You tried, so hard even, but when it came to the choice between the gym or your bed, your silky sheets and fluffy duvet won every single time. Before

The Ratchet Girl's Workout Playlist

Twerq it.
Only a couple of weekends more till Labor Day weekend and we’re pretty sure those of you who are planning to hit the shores of Boracay have been slaving away hard at the gym. To keep you going, we came up with

Midweek Celebrity #selfie: Gorgeous Gym Gals

These ladies are clearly working it while working out.
This week, for a change, we are veering away from beauty and heading straight to the nitty-gritty of fashion. Bare-faced, no heels, and sweaty even, these celebs have no fear of snapping a shot before, during, or after they get down and

You'll Never Guess What We Found Inside Belle Daza's Gym Bag!

The host and actress lets us rummage through her gym essentials only to find something yummy waiting inside.
Whenever we think of a celebrity fitspiration, Isabelle Daza, never fails to come to mind. She’s very vocal about her active lifestyle as she holds nothing back when it comes to sharing workout secrets and other ways of staying fit. We dig a

We Found A Bar Of Chocolate Inside Solenn's Gym Bag!

How does she stay fit despite giving into her guilty pleasure?
Call us Captain Obvious for saying it but damn, does Solenn Heussaff love to stay fit or what? We caught up with the star last week at the adidas #MyGirls launch where she was introduced as one of the brand’s newest endorsers

Did You Take A Break From The Gym? Here's Why You Should Go Back!

We round up the brightest, the cutest, and the best workout pieces to get you inspired again.
Now that we’re halfway done with the year, it’s time we put the bikini bod season to a close. Let’s admit it, we’re getting way too lax when it comes to our daily gym sessions and sports training. We understand, we really

Celebrity Summer #wotd

Anne Curtis, KC Concepcion, Georgina Wilson, and more share their current fitness regimen.
With looking good as one of their top priorities, these celebs know how to break a sweat in more ways than one. If you’re looking to hop on the #fitspiration wagon but don’t know how, check out these celeb-approved workouts to help

What's New: Beauty Spa And Services

Six new spots to satisfy your need to beautify.
SALON BEAUVOIRUnbeknownst to most Makati yuppies, a little bit of France is nestled right within their busy borough. Salon Beauvoir, the newest hair haven to sprout in Salcedo Village transports customers to a vintage Parisian boudoir with its ornately carved over-sized mirrors