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6 Grooming Essentials for Every Dapper Man

So that you won't have to secretly steal products from your girlfriend!
Thankfully, times have changed! Men are now upping their skin care game to the next level. We're talking about what goes into making a man look more attractive, from his physique down to his wardrobe. One of those key steps is to

3 Other Beauty Uses of Aspirin

Use it to clear out acne!
It’s easy to pop a pill to relieve the discomfort brought on by muscle pains, headaches, and the common cold. But did you know that an aspirin has actually more uses than just being a medicinal remedy? Here we round up some

The Pits: 4 Easy Solutions to Whiter Underarms

Who is fairest of them all?
Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model or a pop star, your armpits are probably the least of your worries when it comes to your beauty routine. At most we’ll probably shell out for laser treatments but for most girls, shaving and swiping

How to Remove Indelible Ink

Get rid of that icky purple stain!
An inked finger might be Monday’s hottest accessory, but after all the post-vote selfies have been sent out, you might want to get rid of that stain right away. Lucky for you, we found this handy video that shows one how to

This Grooming Tip Will Change the Way You Shave

The secret to silky smooth skin.
Truth be told, not everyone is patient enough to wait for the next trip to the salon to bare their legs and underarms, especially with the ridiculous heat we’re experiencing. The quick solution: whip out your razor! It’s quick, painless, and cheap.

3 Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Traveling

A hairstylist weighs in on the styles you should be sporting.
Any girl who’s more committed to having perfect hair than she is with any of her relationships would know how stressful it is to travel without her arsenal of styling tools. If she’s lucky, the hotel will have a blow dryer stashed

How to Air-dry Your Hair for Summer

And avoid frizz while you’re at it.
When the weather app tells you that today’s temperature is at 36 degrees, blasting your head with a dryer is the last thing you want to do while primping yourself for the day. Should your hair decide to cooperate, you could end

Why Marbling is the New Ombré

Check out 2016's new hair color trend.
You might remember the ombré hair trend hitting it big in 2009 where almost every Tumblr-obsessed girl wanted long cascading waves that transitioned from brown to blonde as the layers flowed. Soon after that they took it up a notch as they

For the Boys: What's the Right Type of Facial Wash for Your Face?

Washing your face is one thing, choosing the right product is another.
Sure, you know that washing your face daily is important for avoiding things like clogged pores and pimples. But before you reach for that facial wash, know also this: There are different kinds of facial wash made for different types of skin, from

WATCH: Coleen Garcia Gets Soaking Wet for the Preview Cover

Go behind the scenes at her cover shoot.
Coleen Garcia is a star on the rise. Making waves with her hot physique and acting skills, the 23-year-old heats up the month of March as she fronts the cover of a new and improved Preview. At the cover shoot, Coleen gushes

The Struggles of Having Really Thick Hair

Shampooing and rinsing your hair are intense arm workouts.
Thick hair woes? You're not alone. 1. It takes forever for your hair to get wet when you take a bath.It's like your hair never feels wet enough. And when you try to guide the water through your hair with your fingers, you

3 New Waterproof Brow Products to Try Now

They seriously won't budge.
Do you always worry about your brows getting washed away when going for a swim or when you’re sweating it out at the gym? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Lucky for us though, there are waterproof brow products out there that can

Why You Should Buy a Sonic Brush

It costs a lot less than getting a facial.
Okay, so I’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to using a sonic brush. It wasn’t until late last year that I started using one and let me tell you that I am on a Kim K level of

These Will Be the Most Banging Hairstyles for Guys This Year

Print this out and go to the barber, stat!
The folks over at Men's Hairstyles Today recently came up with an infographic of hairstyles that they predict will go big this year. To help us further along, they also incorporated instructions as to what to tell the barber and how to style your new

9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By

It's best to listen to the pros!
When it comes to the one beauty look every girl needs to master, there's no denying that achieving perfect, natural-looking brows tops the list. Not only do the brows frame the face best, they also set the tone for your entire look,

Solenn Heussaff Spills Her Bathroom Secrets

What does she think of while sitting on her throne?
Celebrities are pretty much just like you and me. They eat, sleep, and shower just like we do. And while some of them might have pretty ridiculous bathroom “rituals” (like those rumors about Mariah Carey bathing in Evian, never gets old), others

How to Dry Your Hair Without Making It Frizzy

Don't use a towel!
As much as we want roll out of bed with hair like J.Lo’s or Beyoncé’s, we just can’t. It’s not always that we’re blessed with the luxury of time to go to the salon to blow dry and iron out our tresses

Here’s Why a Dry Cut Is the Secret to Great Hair

News flash: Your stylist has been cutting your hair wrong!
Brace yourself for a rude awakening: If you’ve been having your hair cut while it’s wet, chances are it’s not living up to its fullest potential.Wait, what?!?While it’s quite normal for us to have our hair shampooed and conditioned before our stylist

The Best Brow Products for Natural-Looking Brows

Keep it au naturel.
Whether you’re aiming for a well-defined, pencilled and plucked set or thick and full a la Cara Delevinge, note that there’s a fine line between filled-in brows and an overdrawn pair of arches. The trouble is we sometimes use too much of