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6 Grooming Essentials for Every Dapper Man

So that you won't have to secretly steal products from your girlfriend!
Thankfully, times have changed! Men are now upping their skin care game to the next level. We're talking about what goes into making a man look more attractive, from his physique down to his wardrobe. One of those key steps is to

How to Air-dry Your Hair for Summer

And avoid frizz while you’re at it.
When the weather app tells you that today’s temperature is at 36 degrees, blasting your head with a dryer is the last thing you want to do while primping yourself for the day. Should your hair decide to cooperate, you could end

For the Boys: What's the Right Type of Facial Wash for Your Face?

Washing your face is one thing, choosing the right product is another.
Sure, you know that washing your face daily is important for avoiding things like clogged pores and pimples. But before you reach for that facial wash, know also this: There are different kinds of facial wash made for different types of skin, from

Why You Should Buy a Sonic Brush

It costs a lot less than getting a facial.
Okay, so I’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to using a sonic brush. It wasn’t until late last year that I started using one and let me tell you that I am on a Kim K level of

9 Brow Products Beauty Experts Swear By

It's best to listen to the pros!
When it comes to the one beauty look every girl needs to master, there's no denying that achieving perfect, natural-looking brows tops the list. Not only do the brows frame the face best, they also set the tone for your entire look,

Date A Guy Who Follows A Skincare Routine

Xian Lim, Victor Consuji, Anton del Rosario, and more impress us with theirs!
Ten years ago, if you introduce the concept of  facial wash, serum, and moisturizer sitting on the bathroom sink for a man’s daily use, the guys would probably just shrug it off. They feel it's a threat to their manliness. But today

Beauty Products Your Beau Can Borrow From You

Without feeling girly, of course.
Girls borrowing from the boys is socially acceptable, from clothes to accessories. But, have you have ever thought of lending your beauty essentials to your guy? While you do understand that sharing is caring, sometimes, it just doesn’t look and feel right.

Preview Girls' Kikay Kits

Take a peek at the beauty loot of Preview Magazine's editors.
You've seen the Style Bible girls' beauty kits, now it's time for the Preview girls to show their favorite beauty stash. We've ambushed them at their desks (quite literally!) to get the lowdown on their favorite makeup and why they like it. They

In Our Kikay Kits

Find out which Style Bible girl owns the most over-stuffed everyday makeup bag.
Being an editor has a lot of perks, but just like most, we're always on-the-go. Countless events, meetings, shoots, and articles are all in a day’s work, but it means having our beauty essentials on hand is an absolute must. It may