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Here's How You Can Recreate Maine Mendoza's Fresh Summer Look

Glowing skin and gradient lips? Yes, please!
Maine Mendoza is changing up her beauty look for the summer, and we're totally on board! We're particularly obsessed with this fresh glam courtesy of makeup artist Mikka Marcaida:According to Mikka, the focus of this look is Maine's summer glow. It features

You'll Love Tricia Gosingtian's K-Beauty-Inspired Makeup Look

So pretty!
K-beauty has always been an awesome inspiration for easy summer beauty—the Koreans' love for vibrant hues and barely-there application are reasons enough! For an easy transitional look, here's a monochrome inspo from Tricia Gosingtian:Tricia created her entire look using only BLK Cosmetics—the brand's

10 Ways to Make the Most Out of One Tube of Lipstick

Finishing an entire bullet is not as impossible as you think.
With the number of lipsticks that you probably already own, the last thing you should do is choose one and wear it the same way for the rest of its pigmented life. Sure, you can have one favorite look, but don't let that

Here's How You Can Achieve the Perfect Gradient Lip

Nail that ombré!
The petal-like softness of a gradient lip results in a dainty, youthful look, which makes it no surprise how quickly it became a trend. But to master it requires taking a few steps different from traditional lipstick application. And to help us

LOTD: Here's a Foolproof Way to Make Your Lip Color Last Longer

Lip tint addicts, you'll love this.
Perhaps every lipstick junkie has already accepted the fact that retouching one's lip color is a must after a meal. We're guessing some of our favorite formulas just can't withstand a few sips and bites, which is totally understandable. But still, succumbing

LOTD: How to Achieve Anne Curtis' Rosy Gradient Lip

You won't believe how easy it is!
With the K-beauty wave still going strong, many local celebs are hopping on the gradient lip trend to see what the hype is about. Anne Curtis, a certified K-drama addict, is officially one of them! In fact, her take on the two-toned lip makes

These Lipstick Combos Will Give You the Perfect Gradient Lip

Nude and bold options right here!
Gradient lips—also known as ombré lips—are all the rage in Korea, and pretty soon, around the world. The two-tone makeup technique gives your pout a "just bitten" effect that makes it appear plump, resulting in an overall youthful look. If you've been

LOTD: We Bet You've Never Worn a Gradient Lip Like This Before

Bianca King nailed it.
Our tendency to associate gradient lips with delicate, doe-eyed makeup looks is mostly because of K-beauty. Korean celebs often wear the look with softer makeup and the occasional smokey eye, with the perennial intention of adding a youthful touch to the lips

LOTD: Here's How Tricia Gosingtian Does Her Gradient Lip

It's her signature look!
Tricia Gosingtian's looks are never complete without a gradient lip. She wears it practically everyday, and does it like a pro, too. The good news is that her technique is 100% coppable!Instead of smudging only one product, Tricia uses two lip tints

LOTD: Here's How Anne Curtis Looks in Korean-Style Makeup

Who's surprised?
Anne Curtis is by no means shy about her K-drama obsession, and it's definitely showing in her style! From twinning with Gong Yoo to picking up K-drama terms, venturing into K-beauty is the obvious next step.Anne whipped up this beyond adorable look with

These Lipsticks Will Give You a Gradient Lip In One Swipe

Here's how they'll look on a Filipina.
The gradient lip wasn't always associated with K-beauty. It gave fuller-looking lips by using a darker lip liner under a lighter lipstick. The result? A natural ombré effect that gives poutier puckers. No overlining required!And to revive this OG makeup technique, Benefit Cosmetics launched

Here's a Faster Way to Achieve Gradient Lips

Use these cool lipsticks!
Liquid lip tints aren't everyone's favorite beauty product. They tend to look a little too subtle for our taste and the application is something us lipstick lovers have yet to get used to. But before you think of skipping the gradient lip

5 Korean Beauty Trends We’re Currently Obsessed With

You can wear these every day!
It’s not just K-pop and K-drama dominating the world. South Korea’s brand of beauty leaves us rethinking how we do our own makeup routine. And that said, we’re thankful for these five makeup techniques we learned from them:1. Dewy SkinKoreans are known