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Here Are More Reasons to Get a Copy of Our #PreviewSeptIssue!

As if our gorgeous cover girl isn't enough!
September is finally here and we can't wait for you to browse through this month's issue filled with fashion, beauty, and even more fashion that wows. Our cover girl this month is perfect for the fun-filled and stylish stories we've cooked up

Grace Coddington Jumps Back into Modeling for Calvin Klein's Fall Campaign

She stars in the ads with Kate Moss, Frank Ocean, Bella Hadid, and more.
Grace Coddington has gone back to her modeling roots as she lends her face to the new Calvin Klein Fall 2016 campaign. Lensed by fashion photographer Tyrone Lebon, the Vogue creative director-at-large appears in two campaign materials, wearing black outfits in both.Asked

5 Must-See Documentary Films for Fashion Girls

So you want a career in fashion?
There’s a reason why fashion guys and gals hold The Devil Wears Prada dear to their hearts. Somehow, it’s a testimony close enough to what really happens behind the scenes. Runway shows, fashion campaigns, and magazine issues don’t just happen overnight. On the outside,

Grace Coddington Steps Down as Creative Director of Vogue

But wait, there’s a major twist!
As major movements continue to reshape the face of the fashion industry, another major bomb was dropped yesterday by Business of Fashion, revealing that Grace Coddington, Vogue’s creative director, is stepping down from her post after nearly three decades of service to

The Mean Girls Reboot We'd Pay To See

What happens when Vogue takes over North Shore High?
Fashion can be a cruel world full of plastics (both the human kind, and the kind you swipe) and so we had a little thought experiment: What if Tina Fey decided to re-make Mean Girls as a fashion film? Think September issue crossed

12 Fab Lolos And Lolas Of Fashion

Is fashion a sport just for the youth? Absolutely not.
The perfect formula to a winning ad campaign is fairly simple. It will feature a svelte young model in expensive clothes, some moody lighting, and sometimes a picturesque backdrop. But in a recent turn of events, we’ve seen brands like Céline and

Instagram Takes Down Grace Coddington

Instagram Takes Down Grace Coddington
Instagram is at it again and this time it’s Vogue’s Creative Director Grace Coddington on the hit list. We all know that the first post sets the bar for what to expect from one’s feed. Grace breaks the ice by posting a

Kimye On The Cover Of Vogue--whose Idea Was It Anyway?

KIMYE on the Cover of Vogue--Whose Idea was it Anyway?
The controversial Kim Kardashian and Kanye West feature in US Vogue was NOT Anna Wintour’s idea.It was in fact proposed by creative director, Grace Coddington."There was a wedding story to be done," Coddington said, while speaking with the Financial Times. "And Anna