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Grab Fare Expected to Lower in February

Lower Grab fares are expected in February as demand for the ride-hailing app drops.
You probably noticed that since December, Grab fares have been unusually high. As it turns out, it was because of more people booking rides, and fewer drivers operating (because they also take holiday breaks). Supply simply did not meet the demand, so

Soon, Your Grab Driver Might Be Deaf or Hearing-Impaired

The regional tech company is rolling out a campaign to be more inclusive.
Unemployment is already a major issue in this country. If you have a physical disability, it’s even more of challenge to find a job and become a productive member of society. This is why any company that adopts policies to be more

You Can Now Book Beauty Home Services with Grab

Great hair is just a click away!
As if Grab isn't convenient enough as it is now with its GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabDelivery, and GrabPet services, now, it has something for your crowning glory. Today, the app announced their newest feature on Instagram: GrabSalon. With this new service, you can now

3 Ride-Hailing App Alternatives to "Grab"

Having a hard time booking lately?
From the new train construction to the imposed bus lane on EDSA, commuting for the average Filipino has been nearly unbearable as of late. Speaking from experience, the time it takes me to get from my house to work has literally increased

This Is What Happens to Grab Drivers Who Cancel on You

Yes, there should be consequences.
Grab doesn't tolerate picky drivers, and yes, there are consequences for partners with a penchant for tapping the cancel button. This was the message conveyed by officials of the ride-sharing firm during a press conference held last week to tackle riders' concerns."Actually itong kind of

It Will Soon Be Almost Impossible to Book an Uber or a Grab

It looks like Uber and Grab’s local woes are far from over. In addition to the five-million-peso fine that the LTFRB imposed on the ride-hailing services, which both of them will fully comply with, the government agency plans to shut down unlicensed Uber and Grab cars. In a memo

The New Taste Of Chocolate

The clothing company re-launches under new management.
Chocolate Clothing Company has a fresh new look, updated with mouth-watering labels, under a new management led by entrepreneur, Finina Tugade. The mini fashion mecca takes steps further to create a woman’s dream closet by refurbishing its stores and coming up with