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Stop Everything! Gossip Girl's New Cast Members Have Just Been Announced

Do we finally have a new Serena and Blair?
While we don't know the exact date when the HBO Max reboot of Gossip Girl will air, we've managed to stay updated when it comes to the latest updates. For one, Kristen Bell is returning as the narrator, and the original creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are also still

This Will Finally Convince You to Wear Socks with Low Heels

Cool outfit inspo you won't be able to resist.
I've spent a sizable chunk of the past two weeks mulling over the merits of styling socks with a schoolgirl-ish low heel. It's prep-school chic at its finest, and perhaps my greatest takeaway from spending many teenage years binge-watching Gossip Girl instead

The Best Serena and Blair OOTDs from "Gossip Girl"

We're still in love with these looks!
One of the things we loved most about 2007's cult Gossip Girl TV series was that the fashion was never discreet. Like, ever. And for all their endless enemies-to-friends and back again dynamics, BFFs Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen (played by Leighton

5 Things to Expect from the "Gossip Girl" Reboot

It's confirmed: The Gossip Girl reboot is really happening!
Attention, Upper East Siders! There have been rumors going around about a Gossip Girl reboot since early this year, but just a few hours ago, The Hollywood Reporter has finally confirmed that it is indeed happening! Get ready to take a deep dive back into the

A "Gossip Girl" Reboot Might Be Happening Soon!

What would Gossip Girl be like in the age of Instagram?
Brace yourselves, Upper East Siders! Rumor has it, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite could be getting a much-awaited comeback. Apparently, The CW president Mark Pedowitz himself confirmed that a Gossip Girl revival has been, well,

5 TV Shows to Binge Watch This Weekend

Grab some popcorn!
Planning for a chill weekend? Then it's time for another binge-watching session. For maximum comfort and relaxation, maybe you should revisit your old favorites and relish in their excellence once more. Below's a list of TV shows that we loved, love, and

10 Memorable TV Wardrobes

Looks to steal from the boob tube!
Summer's over and the rainy season's starting to kick in. You know what sounds like a good idea on a cold showery night other than pancit canton and a can of Coke? A six-hour TV series marathon! Here, we list down ten

10 Steps To Becoming An It Girl

There's more to learn from Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen than just partying and getting wasted.
You've already been schooled on how to be crowned as the next Queen Bee, but don't put down your pen and paper just yet. Blair Waldorf's not the only Upper East Sider who can teach you a thing or two about life.

10 Steps To Becoming A Queen Bee

Here's how you can be one, according to Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf herself.
Gossip Girl may have long bid adieu, but as far as we’re concerned, there’s only one reigning queen in the Upper East Side and it’s no other than Blair Waldorf. She may be the baddest bitch in town, but when it comes

Gossip Girl Style Files: Where Are They Now?

After two years without Gossip Girl, here's the latest about your favorite Upper East Siders.
It’s been two excruciatingly long years since Gossip Girl last aired on the small screen, and yes, we do miss our source that digs into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Quite honestly, apart from all the high school drama and petty catfights,

10 Stylish Cliques On-screen

Admit it, you want to sit with them.
If you're cooped inside your room due to the bad weather, quit moping around and look on the bright side instead. For one, a good old movie marathon with a bowl of popcorn sounds like a nice idea. And whether or not

5 Reasons Why Blake Lively Rocks

She's more than just a blonde bombshell.
The drop-dead-gorgeous Blake Lively turns 27 today, and to celebrate, we list down the reasons why we couldn't get enough of her. Coming from a family of showbiz personalities, the young Blake was tested for her acting chops at a very young

Boho Style Icons: Decode Their Signature Looks

Cop the looks of your favorite boho-chic celebs and make them your own.
Just a little trivia to jumpstart our mini boho style guide: Did you know that the birth of bohemian fashion was greatly influenced by the hippie movement during the late sixties to seventies? Since then, more and more have been into the

Blake Lively Finds A New Home In The World Wide Web

Blake Lively Finds A New Home In The World Wide Web
We bear good news, Gossip Girl fans! We know how much you miss the Upper East Side’s favorite blog, so how about hearing it straight from Serena van der Woodsen herself? Blake Lively’s lifestyle website, Preserve, is set to debut this month.

10 Of Our Favorite Tv Hairstyles

These fictional characters got some serious hair game goin' on.
Everyone knows that a hairstyle can define a character as much as their wardrobe. From Jill Munroe’s flipped out waves to Sansa Stark’s intricate braids, we take a trip down memory lane and list down our favorite TV hairstyles that have crept

Happy Birthday, Leighton Meester!

Learn a thing or two from alter ego, Blair Waldorf.
After six seasons of rather confusing plot twists, but totally consistent remarkable styling and costume designs, we find ourselves still missing the series that introduced us to the ever-fashionable Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl. It has long stopped airing, but we know some

Leighton Meester And Adam Brody Secretly Tie The Knot

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Secretly Tie the Knot
After he put the ring on it last November, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have secretly tied the knot! The two newlyweds met on the set of The Oranges, but they never confirmed anything about their relationship and their engagement. The couple


Revisit your high school days with these four looks.
The start of the New Year is making us miss the good old school days sans the boring uniforms. If only we were allowed to style our identical ensembles the way kids from other countries do. Alas, we are past that, but