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5 Beauty Trends That Nadine Lustre Is Obsessed With

They're so easy to try, too!
When it comes to anything beauty-related, we always turn to Nadine Lustre to guide us and lead the way. If you take a quick peek at her Instagram, she is notably proficient in the art of fresh looks. Below, we took note of

7 Hydrating Lipsticks to Try If You Have Dry Lips

Say no to chapped lips.
Whenever we scroll through our Instagram feeds, we seem to notice our favorite celebs trading their matte, full-coverage puckers for juicy-looking pouts in their selfies. Here's proof:Janella Salvador paired her glassy red lip with a sharp wing!Sue Ramirez is definitely pretty in

10 Ways to Make the Most Out of One Tube of Lipstick

Finishing an entire bullet is not as impossible as you think.
With the number of lipsticks that you probably already own, the last thing you should do is choose one and wear it the same way for the rest of its pigmented life. Sure, you can have one favorite look, but don't let that

How to Wear a Dark Lip Without Looking Like a Vampire

Nicole Andersson teaches us how!
For most of us, a dark lip can be intimidating. And why wouldn't it be? A dark, pigmented pout takes a skilled wearer to maintain its pristine color, not to mention flawlessly navigate her way through a plate of pasta. But we're here

LOTD: The Lip Product We're Currently Loving on Elisse Joson

A true no-makeup look essential.
Elisse Joson is reigniting our almost-forgotten love affair with nude lip gloss! The fresh-faced young actress has been sporting it in her recent selfies, and here's one in particular that we couldn't help but double-tap on:A swipe of lip gloss will give your

#flashbackfriday: Our Favorite Lipgloss

They say our lip gloss is popping.
Once upon a time Lil Mama sang about her poppin’ lipgloss and how it was the coolest thing her friends ever laid eyes on.While we’ve already given you reasons why we think bringing back old flames with this beauty product is a good idea, we couldn’t

Here's Why You Should Start Wearing Lip Gloss Again

It's not everyone's jam, but you just might change your mind about the product here.
It might be best to resurrect your puppy love affair with the lip gloss because just like other ‘90s fashion trends that are so in now, the beauty product we all loved as kids is back! It began last summer, and surprisingly,

How To Cop Emma Stone's Look At The Spider-man 2 Premiere

More proof that shiny lips are the obsession du jour.
If you’ve been following her press tour, you’ll know Emma Stone is a veritable source of fashion and beauty inspiration (plus the object of our relationship envy). At The Amazing Spider-Man 2 NYC premiere, she debuted a new set of bangs, lighter

The Return Of Lip Gloss

Because a shiny mouth is a happy, hydrated one.
Matte mouths have been in the spotlight for quite some time now, and there was always one problem with wearing the trend: icky, chapped lips with bits of pigment desperately clinging onto arid lips. Though we do love a good matte lip,

Sport A Shiny, Summer Pout This Season

Forget your favorite mattes, ladies, because it's about time for some high shine.
Matte has been all the rage for the past couple of seasons, and seems to be going pretty strong, too. But in the summer months, when the humidity makes shine inevitable, it only seems natural to let your makeup follow suit. But