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#tiptuesday: Chipped Nails No More

All it takes is a bottle and a swipe.
Too busy with work that you barely have time to pamper yourself? Then join the club! No one said it was easy to look perfect, but you can always decieve everyone with quick fixes. We don't expect you to have all the

A Glittering #manimonday

This week's edition provides some sparkly fun!
The only un-fun part about nail polish is getting rid of it. As someone partial to glitter top coats and changing my polish up to three times a week, this proved to be a difficult problem. Until I was introduced to Ruby

Wicked-inspired #manimonday

It isn't easy going giddy over green.
Yes, I’ve got a hangover, and no, it didn’t involve any alcohol consumption on my part. Inspired by Wicked, I’ve decided to go green. Aside from the green eye shadow I sported while watching the show (this ended up on my cheeks