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Would You Buy Sandara Park's Cool Pencil Sunglasses for P15,000?

This pair is so one-of-a-kind!
If you thought Sandara Park was balancing your childhood scribblin' essential Mongol #2 on the bridge of her nose just for kicks, think again. Her round, yellow-tinted specs actually come with that pencil fixed atop it!The product of a cool collab between

You'll Love How Laureen Uy Is Making Eyeglass Chains Happen

They're also called "croakies," by the way.
It won't take a genius to figure out what Laureen Uy's current favorite outfit add-on is. Tap on over to her 'gram feed and scroll—you'll see right away that, these days, she's really liking herself a good ol' eyeglass chain.Yes, exactly like

We Found The Exact Pair of Sunglasses Nadine Lustre Is Loving

It's from a too-cool Berlin-based label.
Nadine Lustre's relishing the spotlight sans burning in the glare. We found the exact pair of retro-hip sunglasses she's loving right now—well, to be honest, she made it tremendously easy to hunt down by simply tagging cool Berlin-based label us to

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for the Perfect Eyeglasses

Here's an easy way to find out the best pair for your face shape!
Buying the perfect eyeglasses to wear on a daily basis can be quite confusing—after all, you'd need to consider your face shape. So if you're finding the said task a bit hard to accomplish on your own, know that you can actually

9 Funky Yet Subtle Pairs of Eyeglasses You Can Shop Now

For those with unique taste!
Four-eyed fashion kid? Same here. If you're into retro-cool statement specs that are funky but still tasteful, fun yet understated, you've clicked on the right article—here, in no particular order, nine gorgeous, top-quality optical frames to keep your sight stylish. You may

Fashion Dictionary: The Different Sunglasses Shapes You Need to Know

Don't confuse 'em anymore!
Now you know exactly what to ask for when shopping for sunnies. Today's fashion lesson ensures that you'll never confuse a browline and a retro square ever again! Get cool in school, girls.IMAGE Angeline MoralesAVIATORS: Classic aviators have smoked or reflective lenses

12 Pairs of Grandpa Specs to Shop Now

Sport the eyeglasses trend du jour.
Your lolo is really, really cool. You've stolen his comfy, oversized knits and maybe even his heirloom leather belts and watches, but now it's time to swipe just one more thing—his specs! Look to the streets to find that those wire-rimmed glasses

5 Fresh Eye Makeup Ideas for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Straight off the Spring-Summer 2017 runways.
It's technically still Fall-Winter in the fashion magazine world, but we can't help looking forward to sartorially sunnier days! The same goes for beauty looks, too.But to be quite honest, it can get pretty hard to hop on the season's best beauty

Owndays: How a Nearsighted Fashion Girl Found Her Paradise

I saw the light.
Fun fact about me: My eyeballs are weirdly elongated.No, seriously. I've had severe myopia since I was six, and my ophthalmologist has always told me that it's because I was born with unusually oblong-shaped corneas. I started out with a grade of 1.50

8 Funky Pairs of Specs You'll Love

Your vision has never been better.
We've been framed...for falling in love with these quirky yet totally wearable pairs of glasses! From fuss-free aviators to dazzling Swarovski-studded specs, below are some playful ways to slip into 20/20 vision, whether or not you've got a prescription.1. GeometricJust look at

How to Keep Your Glasses From Sliding Down Your Nose

One of the most annoying things people who wear glasses have to deal with is constantly having (or feeling the need) to push up their specs up against their nose. However, the Internet has provided a quick fix that doesn’t require you

A Shy Girl's Guide to Wearing Eyeglasses

Because wearing glasses is actually super cool.
Wearing glasses somehow always has a bad reputation attached to it, especially because TV shows or movies depicting girls ''uncool'' or ''geeky'' when they wear glasses, even calling them names like ''four eyes.'' Thankfully, a lot has changed when it comes to

12 Struggles of a Girl with Poor Eyesight

Everything is a blur.
There are two types of people who wear glasses - those who only wear them occasionally for aesthetic purposes, and those who have horrible vision and see only blobs of color when they forget to wear them. With my 525-575 vision, I

Specs Index: Your Guide To Finding The Right Frame

Square to catty, we've got the frames to fit your face.
It’s hard to picture the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino without having the image of his thick square specs coming to mind.Aside from wearing yellow to commemorate the heroic sacrifice he made for our country, some take it up a notch by sporting

23 Thick-rimmed Spectacles

These Ninoy-inspired glasses rank 20/20 in our eyes!
Accessorizing has evolved from simply having earrings, rings, necklaces, and the such. Now, we accessorize and spice up our looks with the help of eyeglasses, as well. It’s something that can work for both women who wear prescription glasses or for those


Don't have the 20/20 experience? 19 celebs show us how to turn glasses into a fashion statement.
Gone are the days when people would rather hide than be caught wearing glasses at the risk of looking nerdy. There are numerous ways of fixing bad eyesight, but even your favorite celebrities know that it’s important to give your eyes a