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How to Wear a Rainbow Top, According to Glaiza de Castro

Rock the rainbow in style!
Glaiza de Castro is giving us major rainbow style inspo by laying sophistication to all the colors of the wind! Learning to find a unique, fun piece to pair with all those hues could be tricky—there's always the danger of overdoing it

3 Makeup Looks Inspired by Popular Anime Characters

Glaiza de Castro even does strobing like Ghost in the Shell's Major.
You can find inspiration for your next makeup look anywhere, even from the two-dimensional characters that shaped your childhood and teenage years. There's actually been a rekindled interest in anime in the past years. You can partially blame it on the box-office

Watch Glaiza de Castro Audition for Famous Leading Men Roles

If you think girls can't do it, that's where you're wrong!
Glaiza de Castro is our favorite kontrabida. An excellent villain on-screen, her portrayal of strong "bad girls" has gained a lot of viewers admiring fiery females. But in this short audition reel, Preview challenges Glaiza to flex her acting skills even further