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All the New Netflix Releases We're Excited to Watch This May 2021

Catch "Girl from Nowhere: Season 2" and four new Korean titles this May on Netflix.
Update your watch list with 10 more Netflix releases this May, including the second season of Girl From Nowhere, and the upcoming Netflix Korean original series Move to Heaven.Check out the full list of exciting new films and TV shows coming to

8 Dark and Suspenseful Asian Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Race

They're all available on Netflix!
There’s only so many cheesy rom-coms we can watch before we’re forced to return to our totally boring, uneventful, definitely not-like-the-movies life. That said, if you ever feel like changing things up a bit, how about braving through a marathon of all

Nanno Is Officially Coming Back for Season 2 of "Girl from Nowhere"

They've already started production in Bangkok.
This just in: The mischievous Nanno is making her way back onto our Netflix screens soon, and we can't wait!As per the streaming site, production for Girl from Nowhere's second installment has officially started in Bangkok. Meaning, our clever anti-hero is well

5 Thai TV Shows and Movies on Netflix to Obsess Over

BrightWin on Netflix? Yes, please!
In the mood to switch up your Netflix habits? How about hitting pause on your K-drama binge and taking these Thai movies and TV series out for a spin? Below, we list down five new shows and films on the streaming site

Here's Why the Internet Can't Stop Talking About Netflix's "Girl from Nowhere"

We break down everything you need to know about the show and why it's trending!
In a sea of K-dramas, western rom-coms, and Filipino films lies Girl from Nowhere, the lone Thai-based series that currently stands out on Netflix. Anyone who’s frequented the streaming site as of late will have already seen the show’s banner or poster