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Are You A Good Girl Or Bad Girl?

Prettify your Valentine persona with our GIF tutorial.
During V-day, two types of girls emerge from the crowd: the "good girl" who goes on a romantic date with her significant other and the "bad girl" who goes looking for trouble with all her gal pals. Whether you’re one or the

Perfecting Your Brows

Raise a perfectly arched eyebrow after mastering our easy-to-follow GIF tutorial.
It’s undeniable that brows were big in 2013 but after viewing Spring/Summer’s offerings for 2014, it looks like they’re not going anywhere any time soon. A bold brow can do a million things for the face. Aside from feigning facial symmetry, fuller

Contouring 101

We school you on the basics of contouring your face via these GIFs.
A slimmer face and killer cheekbones, don't we all want that? Thankfully, we don't need to get a plastic surgery to achieve this; with the use of just two products, you can dramatically change your face shape. If you covet the models