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The 2017 Preview Best Dressed Men

Check out the most stylish men in the Metro.
Undoubtedly the most anticipated print issue of the year is our annual Best Dressed List, wherein Preview puts the spotlight on 10 women whose styles are truly inspiring. But more and more, the men about town have also captured our attention with

Gian Romano Redefines Urban Glamor

Check out his latest collection that's a far cry from your usual street style.
Gian Romano has never lacked individuality and eccentricity when it comes to expressing himself as a designer. This scholar from Central St. Martin’s has developed his aesthetics throughout the years but managed to stay true to his own stamp of identity—deconstructed glamor.For

Men's Week 2012

Menswear takes center stage as Men's Week makes it debut across the country.
The small amount of attention that menswear gathers in Manila is probably a long-lamented fact by the stylish men in the metro. After all, we are only treated to menswear collections during Philippine Fashion Week. But this year, though the concerted efforts

Gian Romano's C Major In Drop D In Blackmarket

The Filipino designer launches his latest collection in Singapore.
Designer Gian Romano does things big. From his hair (which has recently taken its latest incarnation in a frizzy 'do that gives him a modern-day-caveman-in-Rick-Owens look), his personality (he can be quite the rake, so partying with him entails a great deal

Designer Spotlight: Gian Romano

His latest collection: tweaked basics that showcase his fusion of function and provocation.
There is no shortage of practical function in Gian Romano's latest collection, C Major in Drop D. We don't mean to sound too pragmatic about it, especially since the pieces don't look like they brag of purpose right from the get-go. But

Fashion Watch Quartet 2011

The fashion show by designers for designers makes a comeback this year.
A new guild of designers is in town and they're bringing Fashion Watch back. The Council of Fashion Designers of the Philippines (CFDP), established just recently and composed of Lulu Tan-Gan, Arcy Gayatin, Ito Curata, Joey Samson, Ivarluski Aseron, Jojie Lloren, with

Top 5 Street Wear Designers

Fuel up your sartorial street cred with Manila’s top purveyors of urban wear.
Individualistic and purely personality-driven, street wear is the ultimate expression of the city dweller’s subversive sartorial sensibility. It accepts no rigid definitions, no fixed templates, and offers no apologies for its blatant uniqueness and expressive urgency. It’s all about dressing up however