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Here's How You Can Prettify Your Nintendo Switch

Dress up your gadget the same way you'd style your OOTDs!
I’ve been a gamer since my earliest recollection as a kid. Although I wasn’t the type to cut class and stay the whole day playing Counter-Strike at an internet café, I spent most of my weekends locked inside my room finishing Suikoden

The 8 Best Accessories You Need for Your Nintendo Switch

Here are the accessories you need for the ultimate Switch gameplay experience.
The Nintendo Switch has broken records and outsold both the N64 and Gamecube—combined. If you're asking what's in it for you, well, more units sold means more manufacturers are making accessories catered to Switch users everywhere.Whether you're playing The Legend of Zelda

This Filipina Gamer Is Dominating the International eSports Scene

Find out how Twitch host and streamer Pathra Cadness thrives in a mostly-male industry.
In this modern day and age, we shudder at the thought that some occupations are presumed to be exclusively for men. The competitive gaming or eSports scene (which holds contests with grand cash prizes) in particular was male-dominated for a long while.