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The 10 Most Memorable Fashion Moments on Game of Thrones, Ranked

Winter may have arrived, but these ladies are heating up the Seven Kingdoms with their fashionable looks.
The women of Westeros, Essos, and beyond have shown incredible strength throughout the death, destruction, and despair that surround the world of Game of Thrones—and they sure looked good while they’re at it. They also stay true to the famous sayings, Valar

Did You Know That You Can Actually Go on a "Game of Thrones" Tour?

Here's how you can experience the world of Westeros!
Given the looming end of Game of Thrones, we're sure it's leaving half the world with a massive, empty, Westeros-shaped hole in their hearts—but fret not, because there’s actually a way to re-live the magic even after GoT comes to a close with

FYI, Game of Thrones' Stars Are the Saddest That the Show's About to End

You're not the only one suffering from separation anxiety, you know?
If you think you're the only one who's sad and heartbroken over HBO's Game of Thrones nearing its dreadful end, then you couldn't be more wrong. Like you, every avid GoT fan out there is currently suffering from separation anxiety. But FYI,

Emilia Clarke Underwent Brain Surgeries While Filming "Game of Thrones"

The actress opens up about her battle against two life-threatening aneurysms.
Anyone who’s already seen HBO’s Game of Thrones—especially the avid ones who’ve followed the series season after season—would agree in a heartbeat that Daenerys Targaryen is one of, if not the strongest female character in the show. She is, after all, Khaleesi

Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie’s Wedding Was Practically a GoT Reunion

The Game of Thrones stars were dressed to kill—this time, not literally!
Long live the King and Queen of the North! In case you missed it over the weekend, Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie (who was dressed in a gorgeous Elie Saab gown, BTW) are now husband and wife. The couple officially

You Have to Watch This Girl Transform into a White Walker

Introducing, the Night Queen.
If you're already thinking of dressing up as a white walker for Halloween, we suggest you don't stop there. Take your Game of Thrones addiction to the next level by going as their queen, a.k.a. the Night Queen. To help you out,

IKEA Has a Tutorial on How to Recreate Jon Snow's Costume

An early Halloween costume idea, perhaps?
It's incredibly easy to get lost in the intensity of Game of Thrones. Luckily, reality is always quick to catch up with us. Take the revelation that the Night's Watch members' costumes were made of IKEA rugs, for example. That one #shookt

These Game of Thrones Villains Are the Best Dressed Men in Westeros

They have been known to chill, as it were, in the manner a villain would.
The Fall/Winter season of Year 304 A.C.has finally arrived, so you can bet that the lords of Westeros will be layered-up as they head out to fetch their morning coffee from whatever their version of Starbucks is. Expect black, not-so-black, brown, and

You Probably Missed These Crucial Details About Daenerys' New Costumes

Her style evolution could be the key to understanding her fate in the series.
A few years ago, if one wanted to dress as Daenerys Targaryen for Halloween, a draped gown with a flowy, feminine silhouette would have been the obvious choice of costume. But as we’ve been seeing in the seventh season, that’s no longer

Game of Thrones Reveals Using IKEA Rugs for Costume

Who knew?!
HBO's Game of Thrones is one of the most expensive shows in the history of television, with a reported budget of over $10 million per episode. That said, showrunners make sure to utilize every penny to produce the most authentic-looking set design

15 Times Olenna Tyrell Proved She's Game of Thrones' Queen of Shade

One does not simply trade barbs with the Truly Rich Lady of Westeros.
Lady Olenna Tyrell has been one of the most beloved characters on HBO's Game of Thrones. She's blunt, sharp-witted, and doesn't shy away from trading insults. Many of the show's characters have tried to outtalk the Tyrell matriarch, only to find themselves

You Have to See These Local Celebs as Game of Thrones Characters

Ever wondered who Daenerys Targaryen would be if it was set in the Philippines?
Game of Thrones' latest season has just started (who's excited for episode two?!) but the hype is undying and ever-present. Trust the avid and creative fans to come up with their own renditions and iterations of their favorite GoT characters. Take for

LOTD: Here's Where You Can Buy Game of Thrones Jewelry

Can you recall from which episodes you've seen these?
Game of Thrones is not only loved for its thrilling and well-crafted story, but also for its clever costume design that transports its viewers to Westeros. While we may not be able to get away with copping the medieval-inspired gowns of Cersei,

These Filming Locations Prove That Westeros Exists in Real Life

Welcome to the realm of the Seven Kingdoms!
If you still can’t stop talking about Game of Thrones’ recently aired seventh season premiere, welcome to the club! We here at Preview HQ are also HUGE fans of the show, which goes without saying that we look forward to getting sucked

Here's What We Thought About That Ed Sheeran Cameo in Game of Thrones

Apparently Arya Stark is a fan.
After making its fans wait for over a year, yesterday’s much-awaited Game of Thrones episode was a delicious comeback for the series. From its victorious opening scene, a particularly sickening poo montage, to the awe-inducing (and maybe a little nostalgic?) last scene,