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This Is Not a Drill: Apple May Be Releasing a Cheaper iPhone Next Month

Here's everything experts are predicting about the new iPhone SE.
Just weeks after the release of the iPhone 13, tech insiders had already begun predicting the release of a new smartphone model from Apple. No, not the iPhone 14—rumors are already circulating about the next flagship iPhone, but that usually gets unveiled

Sony's New Noise-Cancelling Headphones Come in the Prettiest Colors

They're just under P10,000.
If you’re a dedicated audiophile—or just someone who appreciates high-quality audio devices—then you’ve probably heard of Sony’s wildly popular WH-1000XM3 and WH-1000XM4 headphones, which were released in 2018 and 2020, respectively. Considered to be some of the best in their class, these

The Best Wireless Power Banks You Can Shop in Manila Right Now

And why you should finally make the switch.
You probably already have a go-to power bank in your gadget collection—it's considerd a necessity in this day and age, after all—and it's likely you've had the thing for quite some time now. Unlike smartphones or even laptops, portable charging stations are

Start Saving: Here's How Much the iPhone 13 Is Likely to Cost

Here's what tech insiders are saying.
We're months away from the official release of the iPhone 13, the highly anticipated follow up to Apple's iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 8, XS, and 11 were released in September of 2017, 2018, and 2019, respectively, while the 12 was unveiled

10 Filipina Photographers That'll Inspire You to Start Taking Photos

We put the spotlight on these creative individuals.
With the Filipino woman’s multitude of talents, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a number of our female photographers are making waves here and abroad. Their striking shots, whether a haunting photograph of war-stricken Marawi or a celebrity’s portrait in a

Audiophiles, Here's a Gadget Guide for What to Save or Splurge On

Not every gadget requires spending an arm and a leg.
Here's a handy guide to audio devices will help you map out your budget:When choosing a pair of headphones, you’re going to want the whole package—excellent sound, comfortable wear, and great specs. Go for a device that can be used both via

This Sleek Fitness Watch Will Inspire You to Start Exercising

Add this to your online shopping cart!
It's no secret that working out is easier said than done. Most of the time, the hardest part is finding the motivation and strength to actually start. Minsan, nakakatamad talaga to get up and move, especially when you're cozy and comfortable on

These Cute Pastel-Colored Digital Cameras Are Only Under P500 Each

Time to capture some special memories!
Getting your first-ever digital camera at a young age might be your most prized possessions because in a way, it honestly fuels a person's interest in photography. Especially now that we enjoy taking pictures and videos of the most random things, and

PSA: Apple Is Releasing a Wireless Power Bank for Easy On-the-Go Charging

Take note, it's only compatible with the iPhone 12 series at the moment!
Apple users know that the brand's various devices are always made to work best in conjunction with one another. Most people who own an iPhone, for example, likely also gravitate towards MacBooks, iMacs, Apple Watches, AirPods, and the like. To add to

These Pink Wireless Earbuds Are the Cutest Gadgets You'll See Today

They go beyond just sporting the cute color, too!
We know, pink lovers: It's hard not to get every single thing in your favorite color. Whether it's clothes, accessories, kitchen appliances, or even gadgets, you would be hard-pressed to resist all the pretty pink pieces in the market right now. If you haven't