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Barbie Honors a Filipino-American Doctor with Her Own Doll

She's one of the six global frontliners being honored by Mattel.
The world’s most popular doll, Barbie, has introduced a line of one-of-a-kind dolls honoring real life heroes: medical frontliners. And one of them is of a Filipino-American doctor.Dr. Audrey Sue Cruz, a physician based in Las Vegas, is one of six women

These Doctors Got Married and Went Straight Back to Saving Lives the Next Day

They put off their honeymoon in favor of serving in the frontlines.
With a seemingly endless battle awaiting them outside, two doctors took a much needed day off to say "I do." Dianne Ruedas and Paolo Bueno, an obstetrics-gynecology resident and a pediatric resident, respectively, who are both aiding in the frontlines, recently tied

Meet the Hero Doctor Who Developed a Filipino-Made Ventilator

Dr. Abundio Balgos is being honored as a Living Hero by the J. Amado Araneta Foundation.
At least one good thing that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic is the display of bravery and heroism from ordinary people. Front healthcare frontliners to supermarket staff, from military and police personnel to garbage disposal workers, the crisis proves that

Here's How Artists Are Paying Tribute to Frontliners on Social Media

They are honoring the heroes who work tirelessly every day in the midst of the pandemic.
The COVID-19 crisis has thrown millions of lives off course, and there's no real way of knowing exactly what the world order will look like once this pandemic eventually recedes. Those of us who are able to work from home realize that our situation

This Luxury Bridal Brand Just Donated Gowns to Frontliners Who Are Brides-to-Be

Most weddings may have been postponed, but this gesture brings back hope in the lives of these modern-day heroes.
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on society, but numerous enterprises are stepping up to support everyone—from families to frontliners—in whatever way they can. Spanish bridal brand Pronovias, famous for its impeccable bridal gowns, just donated dresses to frontliners who are

These Local Makeup Brands Gifted Self-Care Kits to COVID-19 Frontliners

We hope it brightened their day!
Amidst the challenges brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, some local beauty brands are doing their best to send positive vibes to the frontlines. Happy Skin and Teviant, for example, have been providing our beloved health workers with care packages to lift their

Here Are All the Ways You Can Send Food to Frontliners

Let's do this!
Our frontliners are our modern-day heroes. They may not wear capes, but they crusade every single day to help out COVID-19 patients and more—despite the many risks of doing so. The least we can do is to extend a helping hand—and while

This Doctor Is Getting Ready to Go Back to Work After Surviving COVID-19

The 27-year-old doctor and COVID-19 survivor will rejoin the frontlines after his first-hand encounter with the virus.
Doctor and researcher Renz Paas, a COVID-19 survivor, is willing to rejoin to the frontlines as soon as he can.In late March, the frontliner started experiencing dry coughing and shortness of breath, followed by anosmia (the loss of the sense of smell)

Here's Why 2-Piece Protective Suits Are Being Made for Female Medical Frontliners

"This style was made with the consideration of our women doctors and health workers so that they can go to the bathroom easily!"
Mich Dulce and team members of The Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club have come up with a design for two-piece personal protective equipment specifically designed for female health workers. "This style was made with the consideration of our women doctors and health workers so

Here's How You Can Buy Meals Online for Frontliners

The food drive is for medical and local government staff.
In times of uncertainty, it’s easy to get restless­—especially when you’re told to just stay home. But sticking to the community quarantine isn’t all you can do now—you can always help out our frontliners without leaving your house. There are apps that