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6 Ways to Spice Up Your Office Attire

Shine on!
Sometimes we gaze exasperatedly in the mirror on Monday mornings like, "Great, another whole week of trying to figure out what to wear." Tired? Lazy? Would rather veg out in your PJs? Hey, it happens to the best of us fashion girls,

LOTD: How to Cop Rhian Ramos' New Cool Girl Hair

Here's how you can get bouncy waves with your new look!
After years of being a no-show in the beauty world, bangs are making a well-deserved comeback. But if you're so over side-swept bangs that were all the rage in the early 2000s, how about you give full, wispy ones a chance?Take this

Shop the Trend: Fringe

Get into the ‘70s hottest trend!
The '70s trend hit big this 2015, and one that constantly caught our eye was fringe—not like thin flapper girl tendrils, but more of cowboy leather trims with a very western saloon vibe. Below are some of the pieces you can shop

How to Wear Fringe in Manila

The better to shimmy with.
One of the many fashion trends that captured the ’70s zeitgeist was fringe. Far from the fringe glam of the 1920’s, the wispy strips on the hemlines of the hippie seventies were more relaxed and casual—much like the chill vibe of their

18 Fringe Bags For The Summer

Tote around these tasseled beauties.
The seventies mania is here to stay and it’s bringing along with it all of the era’s best. The period was a total fashion roller coaster, but at the moment, the big boho factor is taking us on a smooth hippie ride

The Right Type Of Bangs For Your Face Shape

Know which one will frame your pretty face well.
Do you feel like you look weird without your bangs like Zooey Deschanel? Do you want to conceal your five-finger forehead like Tyra Banks? Or do you simply want to give the fringe a shot because it looks great on Taylor Swift? Sometimes,

How To Grow Out Your Bangs Minus The Awkward Phase

We'll show you a few tricks to keep your bangs in style as you grow it out.
Got bangs and have outgrown them? Time to grow them out in style! No worries; the way to do it is gradually and naturally.Start with your shampoo! Use Hana shampoo, which gently cleans scalp and locks in its natural moisture. It's safe for daily

Fringe And Tassels

21 pieces that add a fun and quirky detail to your look!
We are always on the lookout for the perfect outfit or even the perfect accessory to perk up our ensembles—this time around, we are currently crushing on fringed and tasseled pieces. These extra strips of fabric add the right amount of fun

Terrific Twosome

We pick out 18 perfect pairings we can't get enough of.
Fashion has no rules. This week we’re breaking the no matchy-matchy decree by doing the exact opposite—partnering them up. The only way to find your personal style is by experimenting so give this trend a try and see how you match up.

Personal Stylist: The Great Gatsby

We come up with four outfits inspired by Baz Luhrmann's latest movie.
We can’t hide our excitement for the latest movie adaptation of the literary classic The Great Gatsby. The 1920s was all about jazz, parties, and jewelry and it’s exactly what got us inspired to flaunt some vintage fashion. If you still don’t have

Blogger Challenge: Fringe

Stylish bloggers play up a fun new trend!
Fringe has been an all-important trend in the last few seasons. This year's incarnation has traded in silky flapper fringes for craftier versions that echo the '70s bohemian vibe that's been big all summer.Style Bible noticed a number of women sporting the