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Freeway Honors National Artists Nick Joaquin and Cesar Legaspi

Their works are among our hands-down favorites.
Freeway, home of the National Artist Collector's Series, releases another remarkable collection of wearable art—this time, to honor the birth centennial celebrations of writer Nick Joaquin and painter Cesar Legaspi!IMAGE Courtesy of FreewayCesar Legaspi, awarded National Artist for Visual Arts in 1990, is a

SEE: The Bencab x Freeway Lookbook

50 years of the National Artist's work rolled into a 50 piece collection.
“It’s nice to see my art being worn,” says 73-year-old Malabon native Benedicto Cabrera, more popularly known as BenCab. Celebrating 50 years in the industry, the National Artist is the latest to collaborate with local brand Freeway for their bi-annual collection that

Zodiac Style: Pisces

Take the fashion plunge and swim in style inspired by your Zodiac sign.
Pisces girls are known to be the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs. They have torrents of empathy, creativity, and ambition all jumbled up in one big waterfall. Everyone born between February 19 and March 20 are known to have soft

Freeway Art: Juan Luna

Freeway puts the spotlight on Juan Luna, the Filipino master for visual arts.
Freeway has always been known to pay tribute to our country’s National Artists via Freeway Art—a twice a year collection that features the works of different national artists translated into wearable fashion.This season and the 10th of their National Artist Collector’s Series

Freeway X Lucio San Pedro

Lucio San Pedro is the 9th National Artist to be featured on Freeway’s fashionalistic series.
Composer, conductor, and teacher Luis San Pedro is Freeway’s latest addition to their National Artist series. Born in Angono, Rizal on 1913, it’s only fitting that Freeway celebrates his birth centennial with an awe-inspiring collection recognizing his contributions to the music and

Freeway's Art Bag Design Contest

Get a chance to have your work translated into stylish pieces alongside our National Artists.
Freeway starts the year with a bang with the launch of its first ever Art Bag Design Contest. For almost five years, the label has been promoting fashionalism by coupling the latest in style with works of our very own National Artists, namely,

Freeway X Botong Francisco

Freeway pays tribute to one of the Philippines' greatest muralists.
Freeway's National Artist Collectors' Series for this season pays tribute to the life of one of greatest Filipino muralists—Carlos "Botong" V. Francisco. He hails from Angono, Rizal, and is the second painter to be given the National Artist Award after Fernando C.

Freeway X Levi Celerio

Freeway commemorates National Artist for Music for their 7th installment.
This Fall 2012, Freeway veers away from their usual visual artists and honors a man from a purely audial field. Now on its seventh installment, composer Levi Celerio was honored as the first National Artist for Music on the National Artists Collectors’

Freeway X Twinkle Ferraren 2012

The swimsuit designer gets crafty for her 3rd collection.
It seems that swimsuit designer Twinkle Ferraren has developed a great working relationship with trendy retailer Freeway. It’s the third year in a row that she’s created a special summer collection for the brand. “This is a fusion of different visions, aesthetics

Freeway Art: Manansala

Freeway Art released their sixth National Artist Collectors' Series!
After paying tribute and immortalizing the works of National artists like Nick Joaquin (Literature), Ang Kiukok (Visual arts), Jose Garcia Villa (Literature), Ramon Valera (Fashion Design) and Francisco Sionil Jose (Literature), Freeway Art released their new National Artist Collectors' Series featuring the works

Freeway Loves Ramon Valera

Freeway pays homage to the first National Artist for Fashion.
Fashion's status as a medium of self-expression is irrefutable, but its cachet as an art form soars when it serves to represent a nation and its history and identity aside from just its evolving sense of aesthetics.That is exactly what Ramon Oswalds

Freeway Loves Jose Garcia Villa

His poems featured in the brand's latest National Artist Series.
Freeway, the contemporary Filipino clothing brand that has been advocating “fashionalism” for seasons past, has invoked the memory of another great Filipino artist for its latest capsule collection for its National Artist Collector's Series. They've chosen poet, painter, and fictionist Jose Garcia