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FYI, Getting Faux Freckles Tattooed on Your Face Is Now a Thing

Interested? Here are things you need to know first!
Giving yourself faux freckles from scratch could be a tedious process. You need to choose the right color, be careful with the placement, and be mindful in general to make it look as natural as possible. It's easy once you get the

Ina Raymundo Reveals How She Maintains Young-Looking Skin at 43

She's not one to shy away from makeup-free selfies!
Ina Raymundo is not embarrassed to show her freckles and blemishes on Instagram. The 43-year-old celebrity mom recently went barefaced in her latest selfie, captioning the photo: "Let’s play a game... Connect the dots... #blemished #raw #aunaturel #bareface #freckled"Her followers are in

7 Ways to Glow in Gold Makeup, According to Celebrities

Let it work its magic!
If there's one color that can instantly bring your makeup to glam territory, it's definitely gold. The only things you need to decide on are where and how to apply it, so you can glow differently every time! For ideas, here are

5 Beauty Trends Julia Barretto Has Already Mastered

She loves to mix classic looks with fun trends.
Want to cop the same fresh, radiant vibe that Julia Barretto always has? Take note of the hair and makeup trends the young actress has already mastered. Below are the beauty trends we always spot her wearing:Nothing says glowy like a beautiful

How to Keep Your Complexion Free From Dark Spots

Prevention is key.
For our second round with Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino, we're tackling something every girl battles after a summer jaunt in the sun: pigmentation. This week she talks about what it is, what causes it, and a simple skincare product that can help prevent

Hidden Truths

Gela Laurel-Stehmeier on the best concealers to hide your flaws.
People say that nobody's perfect, but when it comes to beauty, there is no harm in trying. Concealers provide the best cheats for instantly perking up tired eyes from pulling an all-nighter, masking that pimple that popped last weekend, and even hiding