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Long-Lasting Scents You Can Try for the Holidays

Get a whiff of this.
In our tropical country, it's hard to stay fresh all day especially when the weather is concerned. But worry not, dear readers, because we've got a compilation of scents that are perfect for satisfying your olfactory needs. From seductive scents to fresh

Well, This is One Way to Make a Good and Lasting Impression

“She’s not just pretty; there's something more interesting about her.”
Forget luck. There’s actually a formula to this: Pick up that perfume bottle!Wearing perfume doesn’t only make you smell better; it also makes you feel and look more beautiful—and there are studies to support this claim! The Monell Chemical Senses Center, for example,

If This Perfume Were An Outfit, It Would Look Like This

The new Carolina Herrera perfume got us inspired to create a VIP look!
Carolina Herrera just launched another perfume and it smells amazing—the 212 VIP Rosé has notes of champagne rosé, peach flower, and queen wood giving you a glamorous and womanly scent, definitely worth being VIP. With the new face for the perfume that

Karl Lagerfeld Launches A New Perfume For Both Men And Women

Karl Lagerfeld Launches a New Perfume for both Men and Women
Fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld has recently created new fragrance for both men and women, and the fragrant pair's arrival in the stores is most anticipated. He describes it as 'fashion for the nose', so we highly expect only the best from his

Cara Delevingne And Kate Moss For Burberry

Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss for Burberry
Burberry brings together two generations of British supermodel for its latest fragrance campaign—Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss. The British beauties have walked in the same runway shows on previous occasions and have been spotted enjoying a night out together, so it was

You Can Purchase A Marc Jacobs Perfume With Tweets

You Can Purchase a Marc Jacobs Perfume with Tweets
We must be dreaming. Fashion Week is rearing its head in the United States, and pop-up designer shops are being anticipated. Marc Jacobs' fragrance division switch things up by setting up a Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, and as the name suggests,

One Fruity Fragrance, Five Ways To Be Delicious

DKNY launches a fruity fragrance with some serious skin-saving benefits.
As with every woman who lives in this fast-paced world, the more multi-taking the product does, the better. DKNY one ups this train of thinking by reinventing their perfumes by adding moisturizing properties to their signature scents.The newest Be Delicious Skin line

Isabelle Daza's Univers & Ritual

Isabelle Daza captivates us once again, this time with her Bench fragrance line.
It is a given that her family lineage has instantly landed her to celebrity status but Isabelle Daza has proven herself worthy of the limelight by grabbing hosting projects, magazine covers, and endorsements left and right. It's no wonder that she caught

Flash By Jimmy Choo

Take a whiff by just reading this article as we dissect Jimmy Choo's latest fragrance.
Just a simple glance on the bottle gives you a hint of its purpose: the invisible arsenal for sexiness, Flash by Jimmy Choo is the latest fragrance from the renowned name of stylish shoes.To give you an idea of how it smells

Julia Barretto For Pure N Fresh

The fresh-faced star fronts a cologne brand.
The teenage years are the first challenging stages in one's life before becoming an adult. Remember that awkward stage in high school? It's also the most exciting time to discover new interests and meet new friends. Especially made for young girls, Pure

Acqua Di Gioia Eau FraÎche

Giorgio Armani's latest fragrance evokes freshness and sensuality.
Giorgio Armani introduces a new fragrance for women, Acqua di Gioia Eau Fraîche. The latest addition joins the other Armani scents for women: Acqua di Gioia Eau Parfum and Acqua Di Gioia Essenza. Like the predecessors, Acqua Di Gioia Eau Fraîche draws