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This Perfume Hack Will Make Your Signature Scent More Unique

Master the art of scent layering.
If you have a stash of perfume on your vanity, then you probably own popular fragrances like the Chanel N°5, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, and Marc Jacobs Daisy. These perfumes are definitely classics at this point, so it's no wonder why

These Are Chanel's Best-Selling Perfumes in the Philippines

Classic, well-loved scents you'd want in your collection.
Chanel's penchant for creating classics doesn't only apply to their fashion. Their collection of perfumes and body sprays have that distinctively timeless (and distinctively Chanel) quality, too, and we're not just talking about the N°5. Adding a bottle or two to your

6 Luxurious Fragrances That Last All Day

Smell like a million bucks.
Sometimes, all it takes to make you feel pretty and posh on a rather gloomy day is wearing the right scent. Wearing perfume can actually enhance your mood and boost your confidence—simply because you know that you smell good.  Scroll down for our

The Teasers for the New Chanel No 5 Films Are Stunning

And they star Lily Rose Depp, of course!
Chanel’s N°5 fragrance is nothing short of iconic. Created by Gabrielle Chanel herself in 1921, it’s the scent that epitomizes femininity, luxury, and simplicity all at once. This year, it is off to manifest the 2000’s woman through the Chanel N°5 L'EAU, a product of Chanel

Karlie Kloss Is The New Face Of Chanel Coco Noir

Karlie Kloss Is The New Face Of Chanel Coco Noir
Yup, you heard it right. Taylor Swift’s new BFF is apparently the latest Chanel girl. Karlie Kloss (and her impeccable bone structure) is revealed to be gracing the ad campaign of Chanel fragrance Coco Noir in a dramatic series of photographs shot

The Olsen Twins Make A Rare Tv Comeback

The Olsen Twins Make A Rare TV Comeback
With a growing fashion empire, you’d think Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would have completely put their TV days behind them. However, there may be one exemption. In the rarest occasions, we see the twins sharing laughs and playing games with no