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14 Best Foundations for Dry Skin

Get extra coverage while keeping dry patches at bay.
If you have dry skin, we're pretty sure you're quite familiar with the challenge of finding the perfect foundation. With so many matte products out there that would just worsen everything, some people would opt not to use a base altogether.When your

10 Luxurious Foundations to Try for Fresh, Dewy Skin

They're totally worth the splurge.
If you’ve always been on the lookout for bases that will leave your skin glowing and dewy, then you already know that the good ones are a little hard to come by. Sure, matte finish foundations are great for long days and

5 Affordable Foundations with Shades That Match Every Skin Tone

One for every skin tone.
We all know the struggle when shopping for foundation—finding the perfect consistency, finish or coverage, but realizing it's a bit too chalky or too orange for your taste. Or worse, too expensive. But worry not, foundation foragers, because below we've rounded up

Best of Beauty 2016: Top 10 Foundations

Find out why our skin looked great this year!
Since we've already shared what kept us prepped and primed for 2016, it's time for the main event—foundation. We spent the whole of last year searching for the best skin-like foundations for every skin type. Full coverage foundations were backseat passengers for

Foolproof Foundation and Powder Combinations For Every Skin Type

Make your foundation last all day!
Whatever your skin type is, there's bound to be a foundation-powder combo that'll work for you. You just need to consider what your skin needs, and find the products that complement each other enough to achieve the base that you desire.Here's our

3 Sheer Foundations to Achieve Glowing Skin

Check out these barely-there formulas!
Skin will always be in. But for those of us who still can't seem to face the world completely bare, you can rely on today's new-generation foundations that go on ultra sheer but still miraculously manage to hide flaws. The result? Skin

Our Favorite Face Base

Ace your base with our tried and tested favorites.
One of the things we tend to overlook is the power of a solid foundation. I mean, it isn’t called base for nothing, right? Sure, a full face of foundation may be a bit much for the day time, but even with

How To Make Your Lip Color Pop

This tip is surprisingly easy.
All you need is your trusty foundation. Just smooth it over your lips, let it dry, and swipe on your favorite lipstick. With a neutralized base, your lip color can show its true hue and lend that colorful pop to your face

Top 10 Makeup With Sunscreen

Boost your sun protection with these prettifying UV-rays busters.
After smothering your face, eyes, lips, hair, and body with powerful suncreens, we present to you a slew of makeup loaded with SPF. They can hide dark circles, fake flawless skin, and stop signs of aging from showing up. Although we advise

What You Should Get At Make Up For Ever

Jump start your shopping spree at the makeup wonderland by taking a look at our top picks.
The forefront player in whimsical, out-of-the-box makeup, Make Up For Ever returns to our country, and we sense this will be indeed permanent. The whole store is bursting with products in all colors of the rainbow, ready to be devoured by professional

Yes To Radiantly Matte Skin In The Summer Heat

Yup, it's finally possible!
There’s nothing like simulating the healthy glow of youth. But in our humid climate, there’s a fine, fine line between dewy and oily. In the summer heat, things can get really slick in the most uncute way, which is maybe why Bobbi

Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin Type

Behold, you can finally meet your foundation soulmate.
Finding the best foundation for your face is like looking (and waiting) for your Prince Charming. It can go from a simple fairy tale to a tedious, trial-and-error process. There are various factors to consider before you take home one: skin type,

Best Of Beauty 2013: Bases

These have kept us flawless and glowing all year round.
Now that we have revealed the best skincare products of 2013, it’s time to unveil the top performers in the bases category. Ranging from primers, bb creams, foundations, and setting powders, we tested out and scrutinized which worked best. Our 2013 face

Back To Bases

Build the flawless finish you crave with a base that hits a home run.
A strong makeup look always starts with a clean canvas, and what better way to clean up a ruddy canvas than with a base that gives you clean and even color. In preparation for the flurry of holiday partying that’s about to