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How to Pick the Right Foundation Shade When Online Shopping

Color match like a pro!
When shopping for foundation, nothing beats the accuracy of swatching the color in person. That said, with the advent of online shopping, there will come a time when you'll be tempted to buy your base online. The problem with that, of course,

How to Make Your Foundation Look Like Skin

With tips from makeup artists!
Wearing foundation can be tricky. Although it's supposed to perfect your skin, you also have to wear it in a way that no one can tell you’re wearing any! A lot can go wrong, and that's the reason why so much thought

5 Affordable Foundations with Shades That Match Every Skin Tone

One for every skin tone.
We all know the struggle when shopping for foundation—finding the perfect consistency, finish or coverage, but realizing it's a bit too chalky or too orange for your taste. Or worse, too expensive. But worry not, foundation foragers, because below we've rounded up

How to Make it Look Like You're Not Wearing Any Foundation

It's just one simple trick.
Here's the secret: Don't put any foundation on your nose. Why? Since the nose is the center of the face, the absence of foundation makes it look like you're not wearing any. So by applying foundation just on the parts where you need

You Need to Master These Foundation Routines for Oily Skin

Prepped, primed, and flawless!
Everyone should have two base routines in their roster: one for everyday wear, and another that looks more glam. For oily skin, the perfect foundation routines in these categories aren't 100% about keeping yourself matte. While a shine-free base is always a

Your Ultimate Guide to Makeup Sponges

Know your way around every shape!
You can't claim to know your way around beauty tools if you've never tried a makeup sponge. This porous tool is as versatile as a brush can be, maybe even more so. It absorbs excess product to avoid a cakey look, blends

Your Ultimate Guide to Making a Bad Foundation Work

Adjust its shade, coverage, and finish!
Sometimes you have to buy the wrong foundation in order to finally find your perfect match—it's just how life works. But that doesn't mean you can't get your money's worth out of the bad foundations you've previously purchased. Keep reading and we'll

Your Ultimate Guide to Foundation Finishes

Matte, dewy, and everything else in between!
As with every beauty product, foundation has its own set of jargon. The level of coverage or aftermath that you may want from your foundation can get quite complicated to explain to the saleslady when you're shopping for the right products. So

3 Foundation Tricks We Learned From Solenn Heussaff

Let’s not forget that this actress is also a trained makeup artist.
It’s no secret that Solenn Heussaff is a woman of many talents. But being most popularly known as an “artista,” people tend to forget that this 31-year-old stunner is also a trained makeup artist. She definitely knows her way around the beauty

5 Weird Foundation Tricks That Actually Work

Are you willing to give these a try?
The makeup world is getting crazier by the day—100 layers of mascara, anyone?—but for every ten bad tricks, there are two or three good ones. We’ve put together a rundown of the most effective among them, ranging from amateur “eureka” moments to