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How to Make Your Foundation Look Like Skin

With tips from makeup artists!
Wearing foundation can be tricky. Although it's supposed to perfect your skin, you also have to wear it in a way that no one can tell you’re wearing any! A lot can go wrong, and that's the reason why so much thought

5 Affordable Foundations with Shades That Match Every Skin Tone

One for every skin tone.
We all know the struggle when shopping for foundation—finding the perfect consistency, finish or coverage, but realizing it's a bit too chalky or too orange for your taste. Or worse, too expensive. But worry not, foundation foragers, because below we've rounded up

5 Products That Will Make You Skip Foundation Entirely

With your skin still looking A+!
On days when you want to give your face a break from foundation, try these lightweight makeup products to achieve a clear, smooth complexion. Stay until the end for the skin care secret for getting rid of scars and discoloration so you

How to Make it Look Like You're Not Wearing Any Foundation

It's just one simple trick.
Here's the secret: Don't put any foundation on your nose. Why? Since the nose is the center of the face, the absence of foundation makes it look like you're not wearing any. So by applying foundation just on the parts where you need

You Need to Master These Foundation Routines for Oily Skin

Prepped, primed, and flawless!
Everyone should have two base routines in their roster: one for everyday wear, and another that looks more glam. For oily skin, the perfect foundation routines in these categories aren't 100% about keeping yourself matte. While a shine-free base is always a