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This Restaurant Bans Customers Taking Photos of the Food

"A picture on a phone cannot possibly capture the flavors."
Are you the kind of person who yells “wait!” whenever people reach for the food right after it’s served? Because, of course, you have to take a photo first. Many of us are guilty of doing this, even if we’ve eaten at that restaurant

5 Secrets to Ace Your Instagram Flatlays

Up your Instagram game with these tips!
Flatlays are essentially carefully constructed stories pieced together with perfectly placed elements to fit in a frame. It’s addicting and rewarding if done right, but takes grueling hours to master the craft. To help you out, we’ve listed five tips you can

4 Places in Hong Kong Serving the Cutest Dim Sum

Put these on your Instagram checklist, stat!
Planning to travel to Hong Kong any time soon? Satisfy your dim sum craving the most IG-worthy way possible! These spots in HK will surely get the job done:1. Yum ChaThe motherlode! They have pineapple tarts in bird cages, steamed sausage buns

10 Cool Dishes and Desserts That You Should Totally Snapchat

Food porn is moving on to motion picture.
We are at the tipping point. It's no longer enough for restaurants to arrange art on plates (hey, remember when all people had to do was cook really good food regardless of how it looked?). Inner beauty is hardly enough nowadays—at least

The Art of Shooting Dim Sum

Chinese food is actually quite foodstagram-worthy!
If you’re the typical millennial who first considers the Instagram potential of a place before calling for reservation, then we reckon Chinese restaurants aren’t usually your top choice, yes? Compared to French cuisine served gourmet style, dim sum in bamboo steamer baskets

8 Celebs Who Take Awesome Foodstagrams

Their posts always make us hungry!
Achieving a double-tap worthy #OOTD is hard enough, but mastering the art of taking an awesome #foodstagram is a whole other story. From the perfect lighting to the best angle, we can all learn a thing or two from these stars. Scroll

The Foodstagrammer's Guide To Nutrition

Are you really gonna eat that?
Your latest #foodstagram might have looked divine for your expertly curated Instagram grid, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's good for you. FYI, while that sinful chocolate cupcake will no doubt reap lots of insta-hearts and perhaps a few more followers, too