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These Extra Fudgy Crinkles Are Stuffed With Gooey Caramel Filling

Here's how you can order this sweet treat!
One of the addicting sweet-on-sweet pairings is the classic combination of chocolate and caramel. If caramel-coated chocolate cakes are one of your favorite desserts ever, then you will probably love these Fudgy Chocolate Crinkles with Caramel by Sweet Cups MNL, too.Just like

Yes, Yakult Cheesecake Exists and Here's Where You Can Order

Imagine the flavors of Yakult in an oh-so-creamy cake.
What's not to love about Yakult? The cultured milk drink is sweet and tangy—and it happens to be good for your gut, too. Beyond the straightup drink, we've also seen Yakult spinoff treats like cakes and even soju—but if you've ever dreamed

Here's Where You Can Get These Cute, Cartoon-Themed Steamed Buns

We've got our eyes on that Hello Kitty design!
We recently showed you some cute Hello Kitty-themed items and appliances you can shop for your kitchen like baking tools, tea sets, electric kettles, and rice cookers. If you just can't get enough of Sanrio's world-famous cartoon character, you'll be happy to

Love Milk Tea? Then You Need to Try These Cheesecakes ASAP!

Yes, tea-flavored cheesecakes exist and here's where you can get them.
If we were to name two sweet treats that never fail to tickle our tastebuds, they would definitely have to be cheesecake and milk tea. Now imagine getting the best of both worlds in one bite. Yep, it’s definitely possible!Introducing High Noon’s

Here's Where to Buy Mini Versions of Those Minimalist Cakes You See on IG

They're called bento cakes and here's where you can get them!
Have you seen the trendy minimalist cakes on your feed? As pretty and incredibly tempting as these cakes are, sometimes it's not the most practical decision to order a normal-sized minimalist cake, especially if there are only one or three people eating it

Where To Order the Best Cheesy Baked Mac In Manila

Order a tray for the weekend!
Some pasta dishes are known for their complexity; best enjoyed while dining out when cooking and cleaning is out of the question and solo orders are a given. But when it comes to eating at home, it's best to opt for dishes

6 of the Best Cakes You've Never Heard of But Need to Try Now

As recommended by our favorite food Instagrammers!
We spend many of our free hours scrolling endlessly through our Instagram feeds—and when something catches our attention, we feel the need to spread the word. For this week's edition of Eats Out There, rounds up stunning cakes featured by food

This Strawberry Cheesecake Is Topped With Meiji Apollo Chocolates

It's got a fudgy brownie base and fresh strawberry bits inside!
Fans of Japanese snacks are no doubt familiar with Meiji's bite-sized, Mount Fuji-shaped Apollo Strawberry Chocolates. The rich mix of flavors on the treat is addicting all on its own, but we spotted a dessert that takes it to the next level:

Where to Order Caramel Cakes with Witty Written Dedications

They also deliver around Metro Manila!
While taste is what matters at the end of the day, there's something especially precious about cakes with special dedications. But you don't always have to choose between the two. If you're looking for a quality cake with great flavor and can

This Ice Cream-Filled Matcha Taiyaki Is the Treat You Deserve

You can get it delivered, too!
Nothing beats cooling off with a cool, creamy popsicle on a hot afternoon. You've probably had chocolate or vanilla bars, but what about a fish-shaped bar filled with ice cream with the earthy flavor of matcha and red beans? Here's where you

Get you Sushi Fix Delivered from These Stores Around Manila

Craving Japanese cuisine?
Miss indulging in your favorite Japanese restaurants? If it’s a quick and considerably affordable fix you need then sushi’s definitely your best bet. Below, we list down a few stores open for delivery in Manila, from both high-end shops and more wallet-friendly

Sushi Bake Meets Musubi on This SPAM and Rice Bun

SPAM on a rice burger? Sign us up!
Popular quarantine treat sushi bake is known for its deconstructed nature: Layers of rice, sashimi, and sauce piled neatly into a tray, and made to be scooped onto a nori sheet for a big bite of sushi that's as indulgent as it

Choc Nut Spread Exists and Yes, You Can Get It Delivered!

No need to step out of the house to get it!
Part-sweet and part-nutty, Choc Nut is one of those local sweets whose appeal transcends time. We'll always have a sweet spot for the crumbly candy, but imagine its signature chocolate-peanut flavor in the form of a sweet, creamy spread that'll totally go

Where to Order Decadent Cheesecakes in Metro Manila

Need something to satisfy your sweet tooth?
Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Rich, sweet, and decadent, it’s the perfect filling post-meal dessert to round up your lunch or dinner. There’s nothing better than delighting in its smooth, creamy, and thick main layer before topping off your every bite with a