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The Best Pageant National Costumes Inspired by South East Asian Food

Southeast Asia is owning this game.
The national costumes show is arguably the most exciting, and somehow controversial, bit of any pageant. We've seen practically everything get worn by candidates and yet somehow, they still manage to surprise us every year.Take Miss World Iloilo candidate Ann Palmares, for

Boracay's the Sunny Side Cafe Is Opening in Manila and We Can't Wait

Been missing their famous Kitayama Tapsilog or pancakes?
Boracay trips are always made all the more delicious with a trip to The Sunny Side Cafe—the cafe and restaurant known for their leveled-up all-day breakfast fare, comfort eats given one-of-a-kind twists, and winning pastries. Sadly, their Boracay outpost has been closed

Love Nutella? Then You Need to Try These Doughnuts

Check out that oozing chocolate-hazelnut filling.
Ah, doughnuts—we don't think we'll ever tire of them, most especially when they've got a lip-smacking filling. Bavarian cream or fruit jam-filled doughnuts tend to be the most common in these parts, but just imagine a soft and fluffy doughnut stuffed with

Where To Order the Best Cheesy Baked Mac In Manila

Order a tray for the weekend!
Some pasta dishes are known for their complexity; best enjoyed while dining out when cooking and cleaning is out of the question and solo orders are a given. But when it comes to eating at home, it's best to opt for dishes

This Strawberry Cheesecake Is Topped With Meiji Apollo Chocolates

It's got a fudgy brownie base and fresh strawberry bits inside!
Fans of Japanese snacks are no doubt familiar with Meiji's bite-sized, Mount Fuji-shaped Apollo Strawberry Chocolates. The rich mix of flavors on the treat is addicting all on its own, but we spotted a dessert that takes it to the next level:

You Can Learn to Cook These Dishes from Gucci's Restaurant in Italy

We got our hungry paws on the exact recipes.
Any fashion lover's trip to Italy wouldn't be complete without a shop-happy visit to at least one Gucci store...and, while you're at it, the Gucci Osteria in Florence, too. If you haven't yet had the chance to sample the luxury restaurant's quirky

Preview Editors Spill Their Favorite Food Finds in Manila

Straight from us.
Wondering where you should have your next meal? You’re in the right place. After all, Preview girls are known for their discerning taste in fashion and, if you must know, food. Keep reading to find out which spots in the metro serve

Solenn Heussaff Shows Us the Sexy Way to Eat a Salad

Sultry salad etiquette.
Is anything ever not sexy with Solenn Heussaff? Probably not. We asked the certified #PreviewEatGirl to show us the sexiest way to eat one of the healthiest and messiest fashion girl snacks: the good old salad. Watch the video below and let

Nigella Lawson Reveals Her Secrets to Good Food

Make your next meal the tastiest one yet!
The home cook who champions the joys of cooking and eating looks amazing at 56 years and is such delightful company. “I think it’s about really taking the most savory moment; there is great pleasure in life,” Nigella Lawson told us at

6 New Holiday Dishes to Try at Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

Time to get the girls together for a meal!
You know you’re already planning it—your Christmas get-together with friends. And truly, there’s nothing like tucking into a hearty Italian meal as you gossip catch up. (‘Tis the season to indulge, after all.)IMAGE Isha VallesSo here’s an idea for your girl gang’s

This Instagram Account Is All About Fashion, Food, and Meryl Streep

Miranda Priestly just became the key ingredient to our favorite food.
We have definitely seen everything now. Thanks to Instagram account Taste of Streep, we can even see Miranda Priestly as the key ingredient of our favorite dishes.Actress Samantha Raye created the account last January out of a whim, but it was definitely Meryl

Andre Chiang in Manila: Big Dress, Bigger Appetite

Why is my dress massive? Because it’s hiding a lot of sins.
For all the low-level anxiety that hums within you because of deadlines, the stress-induced mini heart attacks that are guaranteed to come every time you produce a shoot, and the all-nighters every couple of weeks, we at Preview are rewarded with fun

This Clothing Brand Branched Out Into The Delivery Meal Game

Find out why.
Why must Monday come in to ruin what the weekend and I had together? I kid. But here’s how we’re hustling through this day: Food—specifically, Healthy Mondays.It’s a home delivery meal service introduced by retail brand Harlan + Holden when it launched


Check out the latest styles and dishes from Bo Innovation.
Art by Yayay de Castro, food photography by Maia PuyatLast Madrid Fusion, a bevy of Michelin star chefs dropped by the Philippines to welcome the unveiling of this historical event. One of those chefs was Hong Kong based chef Alvin Leung, known for his


Pig's blood leche flan, anyone?
Art by Yayay de Castro, food photography by Maia PuyatEver since coming across this blog, we’ve been enamored with the art of plating. At the first Madrid Fusión Manila, we were pleasantly surprised to find dishes that resembled the season’s runways. Could

A Seat At This Restaurant Is The New Front Row

It used to be fashion shows, you know?
Food is the new fashion, with Pinoys obsessed with showing off what and where they've eaten through social media.Last month, we visited the Noma (currently the number one restaurant in the world) pop-up in the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo, where chef René Redzepi