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This Baby Was Born on a PAL Flight from Dubai to Manila

The baby's name is Ali, which is Arabic for "elevated" or "most high."
Flight attendants are trained to handle anything, from shepherding passengers to emergency landings, as anything can happen midflight—like delivering a baby.Top Story: All the K-Drama Actors and Actresses Who Were Made Famous By the "Endless Love" Series.Philippine Airlines flight attendants aboard repatriation

Here's How a Filipino Flight Attendant Keeps Her Face Fresh All Day

No need for touch-ups!
We're always in awe of flight attendants who manage to look fresh during their whole shift. It's just impressive how their faces never get oily, and their eyes appear bright and awake even during long-haul flights.Good thing AirAsia cabin crew Janine Santarina, aka YouTuber HeyyJanine,

10 of the Most Stylish Flight Attendant Uniforms

They make flying look chic.
With the revamping of Hainan Airlines' cabin crew uniform, we pause and wonder just how the other airlines fare when it comes airport fashion. And judging by these 10 flight attendant uniforms, it looks like they're not that far behind in keeping

12 Insider Travel Tips From Flight Attendants

The online check-in counter is there for a reason.
Want some travel advice? There's no one else who could give it to you better than a flight attendant! Below are some insider tips straight from flight attendants:1. Always, always bring a pen."If you are flying internationally, you have to fill out forms