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The Return Of Lip Gloss

Because a shiny mouth is a happy, hydrated one.
Matte mouths have been in the spotlight for quite some time now, and there was always one problem with wearing the trend: icky, chapped lips with bits of pigment desperately clinging onto arid lips. Though we do love a good matte lip,

7 Ways To Stay Radiant

And protect your milky white skin.
While summer may be the season of the sun, others might not be as quick to embrace the season’s skin-darkening ways.  Though a bevy of skin-brightening products lay at consumers’ disposal, we’ve whittled everything down to these tried and tested favorites. All

Three Things To Love About Flawless

We give you three reasons why you should try Flawless Face and Body Center services.
Well-trusted facial and body care clinic Flawless has been catering to Filipinos for almost 12 years now. Numerous celebrities have entrusted their skin and body to the clinic since its launch and the list of clients is continuously growing to this day.

Beauty Lab: Iskin New York Transformation Kit

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente tested out the skincare line for 30 days.
Whiter and more translucent skin is the common goal of most Filipinas. Any bottle that says “Brightening” or “Whitening” instantly widens their eyes. They go straight to the cashier to take the whitening concoction home. In fact, women in their mid-20s should

Flawless: Cell Booster Infusion Mask

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente tries out their stem cell-based facial.
After introducing an affordable stem cell-based product line,  Flawless, one of the country's leading face and body clinics, offers their most advanced facial treatment yet, the Cell Booster Infusion Mask. The hydrogel mask has a concentrated cocktail of cell-activating nutrients that enhances skin

Flawless Laser Hair Removal

Part 2: Laser Hair Removal
Being a girl calls for hard work especially when you're about to go on a beach trip. Aside from undergoing calorie-busting workouts and salt-free diets, we actually set aside a special day for hair removal. Unsightly hair is clearly a faux pas