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Kathryn Bernardo's Favorite Designer Shoes and How Much They Cost

They're all classic picks worth investing in!
ICYMI, Kathryn Bernardo just released a new vlog on her YouTube channel and this recent episode is by far one of our favorites. Why? Because she finally gave us a peek of her jaw-dropping designer shoe collection!Knowing how the actress usually favors

10 Stylish Pairs of Flats to Keep You Going All Day

Here are worthy opponents to your favorite pair of stilettos.
There’s an ongoing and never-ending debate over whether heels are superior to flats. One has always been preferred for dressy dinners and formal functions over the other, but the humble pair of flats has come a long way from its beginnings. These

12 Dressy Holiday Flats for People Who Hate Heels

Cheers to blister-free parties!
The Yuletide season is finally upon us, and we’re pretty sure you’ve already got all your festivities lined up—from Christmas parties, to reunions, to little shindigs with your close friends. While the thought of all the merriment is very exciting, the horror

These Designer Ballet Flats Are Perfect for Girls Who Aren't a Fan of Heels

They're also a great choice if you want to make the most out of a big-ticket purchase.
You don't have to ditch comfort to rock a pair of designer shoes, especially if your style is laid-back or if you're simply not used to wearing heels. Many fashion houses offer flats that are just as dressy as their heel counterparts, and they normally

Where to Buy Stylish Flats for the Office

Because comfortable shoes are always a closet staple.
There’s no denying the power of a reliable pair of comfortable shoes. Every woman has that one pair she knows she can always count on, a pair that’s been with her through an hour long morning commute or a day of pounding

10 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Style Cap-Toed Shoes

These are instant classics.
The cap-toe is undeniably timeless. Reimagined by the late, great Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel in 2014, it originally debuted in 1957, when Gabrielle Chanel herself declared it "the height of elegance." Who was to argue? Also, the clever Madame designed the two-tone combo

10 Chic Low-Heeled Black Shoes You Need in Your Closet Now

For when you want to tiptoe just a little bit.
Bored with your flats but too tired to don heels? Let us meet you halfway—here, 10 chic, unique pairs of low-heeled black shoes that are the perfect blend of basic and current (look out for faux croc finishes, fun prints, and sculptural

These Entrepreneurs Started a Shoe Business with Almost No Capital

Meet the makers of Marquina Shoemaker.
We live in an age where you can start a business on Instagram, sell clothes on apps like Carousell and Shopee, and even put your properties on sale on OLX. But these guys were different.Juancho del Rosario, Kayne Litonjua, and Patrick Kahn created Marquina Shoemaker, a

10 Flats That Are Fancier Than Your Favorite Heels

No blisters allowed!
Whether you’re preparing for a Friday night out with your girl friends or a date night with your guy, chances are you’ll be reaching out for your favorite pair of high heels. But why does looking good for an evening affair always

5 Ways to Look Tall Without Wearing Heels

Stretch yourself out.
A pair of heels may be the quick-fix solution for instant extra height, but some of us prefer to live life a little bit closer to the ground—literally. Either that or you've got a long day on your feet ahead; in any

10 Embellished Flats Your Feet Will Live In This Year

Walk around in these babies.
We're pleased to report that our love affair with loafers, slides, and slingbacks isn't over. But to keep the relationship interesting, it won't be surviving without a small upgrade. Say hello to embellished flats, the comfy shoes that are anything but boring.

10 Fashionable Flats Perfect for Your Holiday Parties

Because you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style!
Parties are fun because you get to dress up with your friends and finally use all that makeup you've been hoarding, but admit it: the night is still young and the party hasn't even started but your feet already feel like they're stepping on

3 Ways to Turn Your Shoelace Into a Fashion Accessory

Aside from, you know, actually wearing them on your sneakers.
Looks like we're all tied up. Ten days ago, Katie Rosebrook tweeted a photo of herself sporting a choker fashioned from a sneaker shoelace ribboned around her neck, declaring in the caption that she'd "never gotten so many compliments." Since then, her post

The Shoe Dictionary: Flats

Take a crash course on Shoes 101.
Shoes are every girl’s best friend. With the right pair, she can take on the world! Although let’s be honest, there’s a ton of shoe styles out there. So here at Preview, we’ve put together a handy little guide chart to help

9 Ways to Wear Flats to the Office and Still Look Stylish

Say yes to maximum comfort!
There's an unwritten rule that heels must be worn in order to conquer the workplace. Well, you can now ditch that so-called rule. Simply take cues from these sophisticated outfit ideas, and dare to wear comfy flats to work.1. Play with bold

Shop Summer’s Sexiest Flats: Pointy Slingbacks

For when you don’t feel like wearing sneakers.
Last week we gave you a list of fringe sandals that are fun, flirty, and ready to be paired with your denim cutoffs and sun dresses. But if you‘re in need of something dressier, something to wear with your trousers or LBD

5 Shocking Facts About Wearing Flats

Heels are a girl's best friend.
They say a pair of high heels is the evil stepsister when it comes to shoe styles, but a true fashion girl would beg to disagree. These facts prove that flats can be the enemy, too.1. Have you ever heard of plantar