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5 Secrets to Ace Your Instagram Flatlays

Up your Instagram game with these tips!
Flatlays are essentially carefully constructed stories pieced together with perfectly placed elements to fit in a frame. It’s addicting and rewarding if done right, but takes grueling hours to master the craft. To help you out, we’ve listed five tips you can

5 Alternative Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Photos

Because it’s time for a feed refresh.
There are foolproof ways to achieve a well-curated, double tap-worthy Instagram feed: white walls for OOTDs, flatlays of your favorite things, and the works. (Let’s not forget those wanderlust-inducing shots of your recent travels!) Although these very millennial tactics will still get

How to Create the Perfect Christmas Post on Instagram

Get schooled by your favorite bloggers.
If you're as iffy and OC about your Instagram feed as much as we are (and don't want to simply post just for the sake of it), here are a few tips from some of our favorite bloggers on how to step up

#TBT: Our Favorite IG Posts of #PreviewSeptIssue With Kathryn Bernardo

Check out our top picks that had us double-tapping like crazy!
September may be over but everyone's still clearly hungover from our big fashion special with Kathryn Bernardo. We were quite surprised at the number of tagged posts we got last month. Some readers even went the extra mile to show off their

LIVE BLOG: Editors Raid Your Bag for IG-Worthy Flatlays

We put our top shot skills to the test.
What do Kim Jones, Liz Uy, Bea Soriano and Martine Cajucom have in common? Why, these celebrities are all masters of the flatlay. From the perfectly arranged accessories to the strategically placed pot of cactus, these social media darlings show they are

8 Celebs Who Are Masters of the Flatlay

Follow these top shot photography experts!
We already shared with you the secrets to mastering the art of the #flatlay, but in case you want more mentoring to polish your top shot photography skills, we know just the right people who could help. Below, we round up eight


It's time to put those art directing skills to the test.
Neatly folded clothes, bundles of flowers, books and magazines, half-eaten croissants and a few polaroids—sounds like your typical double tap-worthy photo. But what if we told you that the popular Instagram visual actually goes by a name that you probably haven’t heard of? Ladies and gents,

What's Your Preview Girl Personality?

Let these flatlays help identify the #PowerLook that best suits you.
A true #PreviewGirl is someone who’s confident in her own personal style. Whether you’re classy, laidback or edgy, what ultimately counts is how you can turn an ordinary #OOTD into a certified #PowerLook. In order to do so, you need a BFF