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How to Do Your Makeup for a Passport Photo, According to Rhian Ramos

You'll be using it for a decade, after all!
"Vanity has no limits, even on government documents," says Rhian Ramos. We can't argue with that, because everyone wants to look their best in their ID photos—especially those that'll last you an entire decade. Hence, a little prep in the beauty department always

10 Foolproof Makeup Tricks to Looking Good in Flash Photography

Don't let the flash wash out your glam!
Lighting doesn't just make or break a photo—it can change the way your makeup looks, too. There's a reason why makeup artists do stage makeup differently than they do ones for photoshoots, because certain techniques and products look best under specific lighting

Here’s Why You Look Like an Espasol Under Flash Photography

Blame it on foundation!
Picture this: It’s Thirsty Thursday and you’re about to get turnt with a couple of your gal pals. Naturally you’ll send out a few snapchats, pouting your lips and pretending to be Kylie Jenner, showing off your awesome new matte lippie and