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Here's Why Even a Non-Active Girl Can Benefit from a Fitness Tracker

I wore the Fitbit Inspire HR for an entire month and I'm never taking it off.
Here's my everyday reality: I wake up at 6 a.m. after snoozing (and hating on) my alarm for a good hour. I prepare for work, doing my daily bathroom routine—shower, brush teeth, get dressed—before I duck out of the house. Coffee is

Review: Fitbit Alta

The fashion girl's fitness gadget.
What: Fitbit Alta , P6479A wristband that logs in your activity by counting your steps, reminds you to keep moving, and keeps track of your fitness progress.What it is:Not only does it keep a daily log of how many steps you take,

Spy on Politicians the Techie Way

Take your stalking game to the next level.
(Main image by Peter Cade / Iconica)If you want to know whether your mayor delivers his promises or if a certain politician is spending an unscrupulous amount of money, look no further because that’s where wearable technology comes in!  We’ve all heard