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Is 'Fingermouthing' the Hot New Selfie Pose?

Just dangle your fingers like so.
From duckface to fish gape, to the less popular sparrowface, 2016 sees a new selfie pose: Fingermouthing. While it sounds a tad perverted, it is actually just dangling your fingers near your mouth for a relaxed, careless look―as if you’ve been caught

How to Do the Perfect Selfie Pout, According to Martine Cajucom

She nails it every single time.
If there’s one more thing It girl, Martine Cajucom, is good at, it would have to be slaying selfies. Her secret weapon? Killer pouts. From the basic Kim Kardashian pout to the trendy fish gape and sparrow face, she can surely nail 'em all.

Fish Gape Is Officially the Hottest Selfie Trend Now!

Move over, duck face.
In case you didn’t get the memo, duck face is over. Fish gape (yup, that’s what it’s called!) is officially replacing it as the hottest selfie trend on Instagram. Open-mouthed and slightly toothy, it’s somewhat similar to sparrow face—a more relaxed version