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5 Influencer-Approved Pose Pegs if You're Shooting With a Film Camera

Don't want to look awkward in photos?
Since everybody’s circling back to the retro aesthetic these days, it seems like film’s making a comeback too, especially with so many people carrying disposable cameras wherever they go now. Film's unpredictability is part of its appeal but you really have to practice the

This New Instax Camera Can Connect to Your Smartphone and Print Photos on the Go

Get that film-camera aesthetic with all the convenience of a digital device.
Despite the fact that we're living in a hyper-digital era, there's still a lot of love for old-fashioned gadgets like record players, typewriters, and film cameras. Analog photography, in particular, has become increasingly popular among young people in the last decade or

These P950 Aesthetic Film Cameras Are Too Pretty to Not Add to Cart

They're available in three colorful designs!
Disposable cameras are a great first purchase if you're looking to get into film photography, but don't quite have the know-how to operate anything more complex than a basic point-and-shoot. They give you the ability to capture cute and candid pics without

These Aesthetic Film Cameras Come in Pretty Pastel Colors

Perfect for analog photography newbies!
If you're looking to get into analog photography, you may have noticed that film cameras—whether basic point-and-shoots or more advanced models—can be pretty pricey. Luckily, you need not splurge on anything too fancy right away, especially if you just want to give

8 Instagram Shops Where You Can Buy Film Cameras

Because film's not dead!
Analog cameras have been making a comeback these past few years. The distinct look of film, and the whole journey of having a roll of photographs digitized, has definitely grown the lomography community here in the Philippines. But because authentic analog cameras are both

Here's Where You Can Rent a Vintage Film Camera in Metro Manila

Thinking of switching from digital to film?
Owning a film camera isn’t as easy as it sounds—those old gems need maintenance to stay in shape, and not everyone is equipped to care for one. So instead of purchasing a vintage camera, the best road for some film aficionados might

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Vintage Camera

Film cameras have a character that digital just can't replicate.
There’s something about vintage cameras that digital just can’t replicate. It has a character lost on the high-tech equipment of today. The wear-and-tear only adds value, and the older the camera, the more sought after it is.Film photography has been revived in

A Beginner's Guide to Choosing Your Own Film Camera

Let's take a walk back to memory lane.
You’ve graduated from those film-emulating smartphone apps and now, you’re ready for the real deal—an actual film camera. It’s intimidating knowing you have so many options at your disposal, not to mention learning the technical specs of each camera. So here, with

5 Apps to Download to Give Your Photos an Authentic Film Effect

Aside from Gudak.
With the resurgence of retro fashion, a lot of things reminiscent of the yesteryears are also resurfacing. Apart from wearing tracksuits and playing vinyl records, you might also notice how social media's been bringing back analog photography. And since looking for a

Review: This App Turns Your Smart Phone Into a Film Camera

Can you wait three whole days to see your photos?
In a sea of smart phones promising clear and high-quality photos, film cameras seem to have lost their place. Modern technology caused most people to forget the lost art of traditional photography. And with this app, its creators aim to bring back