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8 Korean Celebrities Who Have Talked About Filipino Food

They love our local dishes and delicacies!
We recently found out that The Penthouse star Eugene has packets of sinigang mix in her pantry. She also described what sinigang tastes like and this led us to the idea: Who are the other Korean actors and K-pop idols who have

10 Best Sinigang Dishes in Manila You Have to Try

This hearty sour soup is a Filipino favorite for good reason.
If there’s any Filipino dish we find ourselves craving time and time again—most especially when it’s cold out—it’s sinigang, the tangy, well-loved soup that some have even lobbied for the title of being the Philippines’ national dish. And why not? Nothing warms

Did You Know? Ifugao Rice Is Now an Endangered Heritage Food

If you've ever tasted Ifugao rice, consider yourself lucky.
If you’ve ever tasted Ifugao rice, consider yourself lucky. Not a lot of Filipinos get to have the same experience—it is produced in small quantities, and is not available to a lot of places in the country. This heritage food is produced by
535 Shares Features Filipino Food as the Next Big Thing

It's a burgeoning food culture.
The Philippines had been occupied by many countries that essentially turned our archipelago into a melting pot of various ideas and a divergence site of culture. But food-wise, it seems that we have found our grounding in establishing what makes Filipino food,