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Did You Know? Player 276 in "Squid Game" Is a Filipino Actor

You'll spot him in the Tug-of-War episode!
Korean series Squid Game dropped on Netflix on September 17 and has since ranked number one in 22 countries—the Philippines included, of course. While the series gives a glimpse of Korean culture, the show draws a number of similarities with the Filipinos'

John Lloyd Cruz Is Finally Back with His New Mini-Series "Ang Fraile"

He was called the "ugliest of all indios" in this offbeat mini-series.
Move over Padre Damaso, there's a new fraile to hate on—and he's played by Jun Sabayton. The comedian joins Cherie Gil, Joel Torre, Ronnie Lazaro and yup, John Lloyd Cruz, in a hilarious mini-series entitled Ang Fraile. Directed by RA Rivera, this

7 Filipino Rom-Coms You Need to Watch on Netflix

Here’s a list of local films guaranteed to make you fall in love and laugh.
There’s nothing quite as comforting as a romantic comedy. We get to experience all the exciting bits of a new or budding relationship in all of its glory. We're taken into a hilarious ride filled with endless meet-cutes, innocent misunderstandings, melodramatic stakes,

This Filipina Actress Is Challenging Hollywood's Diversity Problem

"My character wasn't written to be Filipino-American, they actually changed her to give me this role," says Danielle Lyn.
Filipino-American actress Danielle Lyn is certainly not one to settle on doing one thing."I have been an actor for over five years," she says. The competitive ice skater turned model turned actress has been working for a total of ten years, and