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Dakota Johnson Is Making a Case for Smudged Red Lipstick

Ditch that lip liner.
Dakota Johnson's beauty look at the Fifty Shades Freed premiere will have you re-evaluating your relationship with red lipstick. Instead of her go-to sculpted pout, the actress went with a blotted red lip you can recreate in a few minutes—no lip liner

Dakota Johnson Handles Wardrobe Malfunction Like a Boss

It could have been fifty shades of awkward.
A wardrobe malfunction can be any girl’s worst nightmare. This is especially true for celebrities whose private parts can be photographed in a jiffy for the whole world to see if ever an ill-fated nip slip arises. But just a few moments

Here's A Pg-rated Excuse To Watch 50 Shades Of Grey

We came - for the art.
There was a bit of overkill in the various positions that the characters of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson tried out inside Mr. Grey’s playroom, but on a recent viewing of  Fifty Shades of Grey, we did take away a few cultural notes