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The Dos and Don'ts of Displaying Plants at Home, According to Feng Shui

FYI, it's bad feng shui to overload your bedroom with plants!
When people think about feng shui, they usually associate it with how you should position your furniture or what lucky charms you need to have on display. However, the ancient Chinese practice actually has a few opinions on decor, too, and that includes

How to Position Your Bed for Good Luck, According to Feng Shui

Your bed shouldn't be in direct line with your door.
Feng Shui is all about achieving a good flow of energy in one's home. That said, the placement of furniture and accessories matter, especially when it comes to beds. According to Know Feng Shui, this is the most important piece of furniture

What's in Store for Your Animal Sign in the Year of the Dog

Two signs should travel frequently this year.
During a lunch, we feasted on the advice of feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez, and gleaned tips on how to increase our luck this year. But first, if you don't know your Chinese zodiac sign yet, click here to find out. Read