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This Girl's Genius Reply to a Fat-Shamer Has Gone Viral on Facebook

"Love yourself. And let people love themselves."
What started as a typical internet rant for makeup artist Kristine Ramos became a public outburst on the rampance of fat shaming. She made a Facebook post about people commenting on her weight, pointing out exactly what's wrong with doing so. A

Shame on You, Fat Shamer

Only an ignorant person would resort to fat shaming as a means of motivation.
It’s stunning how often other people feel as though they have every right to our bodies. Not every form of assault on a woman is inherently sexual in nature, but there is one form that uniquely attaches itself to social convention: how

Here's Why Even a "Fat Chick" Deserves to Wear a Bikini

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
When I was a little girl, I remember being told that I would be more beautiful if I lost a significant amount of weight. It should be well and duly noted that term used was “beautiful,” not healthy or fit, or a

Body Shaming Increases Risk of Obesity, According to Studies

Fat-shaming someone does more harm than good.
Fighting for body love has been an uphill battle. We always get comments about how the movement glorifies obesity, when in reality, that's not at all what body love, body acceptance, or body positivity is. It literally just means loving your body

6 Things You Say That Are Actually Fat Shaming

FYI, a person can be fat AND beautiful.
"Fat shaming," as found in Urban Dictionary, is a term for the act of bullying someone for being fat, or telling someone who's fat that she's lazy, disgusting, and worthless because she's fat. It's whatever that implies or directly says that a