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27 Preview-Approved Tips on Dressing Up for Events

Nuggets of wisdom!
All hail the belles of the ball! We round up four of Manila's most stylish girls and get them to spill their tips and tricks for no-fail party dressing.AIVEE AGUILAR-TEOIMAGE Roy MacamPristine and polished to a T, famed dermatologist Aivee Aguilar-Teo proves

Fashion Myth Busted: Body-con is NOT the Only Way to Do Sexy

Alternative ways to dress risque.
It’s true that the camera adds 10 pounds, so your favorite celebs don figure-skimming outfits to keep themselves slim onscreen. It’s a valid point, but know that in real life, there’s more than one way to do sexy. Our advice: Show it

Instagram Hacks: Creative Backgrounds

How to shoot the perfect OOTD against scenic creative spaces
If you've grown tired of using a plain white wall as your OOTD default background and want to try something else a little more "busy" or "lively", but haven't really gotten the hang of  shooting yourself against your new fun BG, here

Cool New Ways to Shoot Your Accessories

If you're tired of the typical flat lay.
If you've got a lot of accessories you want to flaunt on Instagram, but don't want your grid to look like a lookbook of all of your OOTDs—then here are some ideas you might want to try out for some variety. Because,

6 Different Ways to Wear Your Metallic Skirt

Here's a cheat sheet.
If you're planning to save and not splurge on buying new clothes this 2016, then you're in luck because this month's Fashion Workshop has the perfect guide to repeating your gilded skirt in stylish new ways. View the chart below and don't

QUIZ: Which Online Store Matches Your Personal Style?

We’ll help you find your online match.
Ahh, online shopping! It’s both a blessing and a curse. But fret not—we’ll show you the proven and tested ways along with some ins and outs to help you make a wise decision before making the final purchase. To get you started,

How Carla And Sam Humphries Share A Closet In Style

How to wear one piece, two ways? Let the sisterhood of the Humphries teach you.
Life is so much more fun with a sister. Yes, there’s (a lot of) fighting involved—like the weekly debate on who's getting mom’s vintage Chanel or when a favorite Zara skirt goes missing—but isn’t that what sisters do? Instead of driving each