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2011's Creative Noisemakers

The designers and groups who had a frenetic two thousand eleven!
From staging extravagant fashion shows to dressing the hottest pop stars, producing retail collaborations and design competitions, to bouncing back from misdeeds in a philanthropic manner, Filipino designers were anything but idle in 2011.We list for you the headline-makers of the past

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Philip Rodriguez

Pastels and florals to end Fashion Watch Summer 2012 on a blooming note.
Fashion design veteran Philip Rodriguez closed the Summer 2012 installment of Fashion Watch with an exuberant collection of pastels and florals that carried with it the lightness of spring and summer together with the romantic glamour that is the trademark of Cebuano

Runway To Reality

The ladies who got dibs on their designer duds!
There's a tingle that every woman gets when something catches her eye on the runway. There are those who have the privilege of running backstage right after the show and grabbing the pieces on the spot, while others have pieces made to

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Ivarluski Aseron

Ivar takes to prints for his summer collection.
From what we've seen from designer Ivarluski Aseron, he prefers solid neutrals—black, white, and grays—than bright colors and prints. But for summer 2012, he takes a bold step by introducing vivid colors and a pretty print to his repertoire. Taking inspiration from

Fashion Watch Holiday 2011 Accessories Report

Vamp up your style with all the right pieces.
Having the right outfit is one thing but picking up the right accessories is the finishing touch. There’s no better time to adorn yourself to the hilt and we’re taking our cue from the Fashion Watch Holiday 2011 catwalks. But remember, beneath all

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Ito Curata

A daring collection from the couture designer.
For his last showing of the year for Fashion Watch, designer Ito Curata turned down the wattage of his usually glamorous, all dressed up aesthetic. He opted for a breezier, more youthful style this season, taking full advantage of the liberal skin-baring

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Norman Noriega

Pared-down sexiness from the minimalist designer.
In the 9-week tide of Fashion Watch Summer 2012, there was nary an absence of tribute to the ultra-feminine sensibility, in waves of classic, modern, and romantic styles. These had us awash in glamorous floor-length gowns, frilly minidresses, super skimpy resortwear, and

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Ferdi Abuel

An all-grown up summer for designer Ferdi Abuel.
The lady we saw from Ferdi Abuel in his Holiday 2011 Fashion Watch outing was a sporty lass, albeit a smartly dressed one—a Converse-wearing type who looks as if she threw on her mother's tailored separates over her gazar knee-length shorts with

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Len Nepomuceno

Len looks to the flapper era for summer inspiration.
Designer Len Nepomuceno told us that she was besotted with the flapper era when she was conceptualizing her collection for Fashion Watch Summer 2012. Such an inspiration would come as no surprise from the designer, whose aesthetic is markedly, basically feminine. But her collection

Trend Report: Fashion Watch Holiday 2011

Different trends to try for this holiday season!
The holiday season is just around the corner and we expect that a good number of Christmas dinners, events and reunions have already been marked on your calendar. So as a handy guide to dressing, we've listed the ten trends from the Holiday 2011 collection

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Joey Samson

The designer explores new frontier with his summer 2012 outing called Man on the Moon.
While it's not readily apparent in the most obvious and conventional of ways, designer Joey Samson is a lover of quirk. His mastery of tailoring is markedly infused with a sort of idiosyncrasy that has become synonymous with his aesthetic. These manifest

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Jerome Lorico

Gray urban knits and monsoon gear inspired by Hemingway.
An old fisherman, a great marlin, errant sharks—a story of struggle, dogged pursuit, and resolve: These are the subjects and concepts that natural storyteller Jerome Lorico paints in sometimes broad, often precise strokes in his latest collection for Fashion Watch Summer 2012.

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Oj Hofer

Gauzy monochromes for casual summer dressing.
Frances Bean Cobain, the brunette, red-lipped, porcelain-skinned daughter of late rockstar Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, was the muse of Cebu-based designer Oj Hofer for his Summer 2012 collection. The ingenue, who has had the rock world's attention since she was a

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Dennis Lustico

The designer explores a woman’s different experiences of romance in this soft and easy collection.
What a mood Dennis Lustico must have been in while designing his Summer 2012 collection! He claims to have waxed romantic about the different stages of love that a woman experiences in life—from the first crush to a first date, her debut

Fashion Watch Summer 2011: Patrice Ramos-diaz

Sensible style for an active lifestyle.
Patrice Ramos-Diaz is one busy woman. With very important shoes to fill as a mother and a designer, this lady is very much aware of the sartorial needs busy women of her kind need—comfortable clothes that are stylish yet easy enough to

Fashion Watch Summer 2011: Jc Buendia

The master tailor presents a clean and crisp collection for the warm season.
With a touch of the schoolboy, of the proper headmistress, and the soignée '60s housewife, JC Buendia's Summer 2012 collection is the designer's departure from his dark and mystifying Holiday 2011 collection inspired by neo-gothic vampires garbed in luxe monochromes. This season,

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Joel Escober

The designer returns with his trademark embellishment on classically cut pieces.
Inspiration came late to designer Joel Escober for this season's Fashion Watch. It was only three weeks before the show's schedule that he started conceptualizing his summer lineup, citing the ubiquitous '70s era that fashion has been in love with this year

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Jojie Lloren

The veteran designer soars into a lighter mood with a flight-inspired summer collection.
If there is one thing to be said about veteran Filipino designer Jojie Lloren's work, it is that it's always impeccable. Regardless of his seasonal inspirations—be it tragic (as his wrath of nature-inspired lineup last season) or buoyant (as this summer's flight-inspired

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: James Reyes

A kaleidoscopic, pop art palette for an easy, breezy summer.
Veering away from the austerity of his last collection, Filipino designer James Reyes showed us an entirely different side of his personality for Fashion Watch Summer 2012. Drawing upon a happy spectrum of colors as both inspiration and challenge for his newest

Fashion Watch Summer 2012: Jun Escario

The Cebuano designer heralds the summer season with a chic cruise collection.
With unmistakable nautical overtones and an overall glam resort feel, Fashion Watch Summer 2012 opened with the luxe collection of Filipino designer Jun Escario.A crisp sleeveless trench dress with delicate embroidery started the show, setting the tone for the lineup's overall pristine