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I Tried To Put A Shopping Ban On Myself During Christmas Season

But what do you do when that trip to the mall is a way of life?
Ordinarily, I would shout it from the mountaintops: I am a shopper. On a trip to Shanghai, I once bought eight pairs of pumps in one go. That purchase included a pair of leopard-print round-toes and the same style shoes in a

An Open Letter to the Next Would-Be President

Here's hoping you can include Philippine fashion in your agenda.
I’m feeling a little nostalgic; it’s been 15 years since I’ve started writing this column, and I still remember that day I was intently pacing my then-boyfriend’s (now husband’s) studio apartment trying to christen my column with a name that would resonate.

Here's Why You Should Do Your Own Laundry

Laying laundry woes on the line.
Raise your hand if you have a proper clothesline at home. Let’s rule out cramped service areas, where the clothes hung never meet the wind and sky. I’m waxing nostalgic about an old-school clothesline, where sheets and party dresses and—gasp!—lingerie would traditionally

Does the Trend Cycle Really Matter?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.
I have to say that my non-fashion friends keep me grounded. When you work in the industry, it’s really easy to get swept away in the fabulousness of the fashion world, fixate on OOTDs, and run after trend after trend after trend.

The Science Behind Facebook-Friendly Travel Photos

Method to the madness.
To buy or not to buy—that is the question. I was wandering around aimlessly around Greenbelt last night, killing time while waiting for my sons—my de facto carpool—to pick me up. The fact that it seemed to take forever for them to

Confessions of a Late Bloomer

It’s like puberty but not, where the curves have come out to play.
Lower those eyebrows, I admit it; the title was a cheap trick to catch your attention. Since this issue runs through the holidays and the new year, I thought that it was a good time to talk about body image, dealing with

How the Internet Changed the Ways of Fashion Journalism

We know. Magazines cannot beat the speed of a single tweet.
I lied. I’m sorry. I never meant to go back on my word, but it turned out to be much harder to do than I imagined it would be. I’m talking about tweeting, of course. Awhile back, I wrote in my column

How to Get Over Having a Predictable Wardrobe

A friendly reminder to get those clothes out of your closet and onto your body.
Do you ever find that the New Year’s resolutions you make end up as theories in your head? Let’s not even bring up the endless pep talk to get yourself to the gym; I’ll confine this article to talking about resolutions of

How Lady Gaga Became My Summer Fashion Icon

She even convinced me that a maillot can be sexy.
I was a child of summer once. Few things could top the pleasure of stripping away clothing and basking in the sun’s golden glow. My back to the sand, I would gaze up at the clouds and watch as they danced to

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Crop Tops?

Belly up!
The last time I wore a cropped top it was called a half-shirt. I remember that it was long-sleeved, from DKNY and striped black and white (very graphic and so Spring/ Summer 2013, come to think of it). I paired it with

So I Married a Fashionista

"She always knew the appropriate clothes for each occasion."
As the former editor-in-chief of Preview, Pauline Juan has long established her identity as a fashion icon. In her line of work, she is able to predict fashion and through the magazine, she can even dictate fashion. Her love for the industry,

How Fashion Can Make You Famous

Musings on the OOTD-obsessed style generation.
“I’ve created a monster,” so goes Dr. Frankenstein’s immortal lines, after a bolt of lighting turned a pieced-together cadaver into a living, breathing being. I, too, have been known to say this—in jest, of course—whenever there is a line of people waiting

What I Learned In My 15 Years In Fashion (And Preview)

Read an excerpt of Pauline Juan's last Fashion Sense.
If you need one more reason to pick up Preview this month, then this is it: Pauline Juan's last issue as the glossy's editor-in-chief. Her last entry for her column, Fashion Sense, is quite the tear-jerker. Below, an excerpt from her column that'll keep

'Tis the Season of Curves

Pauline Juan talks about weight gain and how to embrace your curves.
It's that most wonderful and notoriously fattening time of the year. In this month's Fashion Sense, Preview EIC Pauline Juan talks about how to embrace your curves and work with the weight you have."For someone who’s never had to lift a finger to maintain

An Open Letter To The Next Philippine President

Candidates, listen up.
In this month's Fashion Sense, Preview editor-in-chief Pauline Juan talks about the probable economic impact of a blooming local fashion retail scene and why our next commander-in-chief should start taking down notes. Below is an excerpt of her open (and honest) letter that is

If Fashion Is a Language, How Fluent Are You?

Let Preview's editor-in-chief Pauline Juan expand your fashion vocabulary.
In this month's Fashion Sense, Preview editor-in-chief Pauline Juan explores the psyche behind the question, "How can I be fashionable?" and writes one hell of a #hugot:"This column is the offshoot of an interview I did with CNN Philippines. Tim Yap and I were

When Fashion Fatigue Strikes Back

A pep talk for mommies to stay the course.
Reprinted from Preview July 2010There comes a time in the life of every fashionista when she asks herself if her clothes are worth it. This weakening of resolve is obviously brought about by many things, but lately I’ve spoken to a lot