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Here's How You Can Join the Fashion Revolution

Yes, you can and you should!
Not-so-fun fact: the global fashion industry is the second most polluting industry, next only to oil. It produces unnecessary waste, generates water and air pollution which contributes to climate change, and underpays garment workers in order to keep costs down while maximising

How You Can Get in on the Sustainable Fashion Movement

Five lessons from MUNI Meetup’s Reimagining Local Fashion talk.
If you love fashion, then most likely you’d want to keep up with particular trends. We at Preview do, too, and it’s the very reason why we can truly appreciate fast fashion! Right? So cheap, so updated, always on sale! It seems

Fashion Vocabulary: What Is Normcore?

And is it really the next big thing in fashion?
If Hollywood is breeding a new set of celebrities―the class we’d like to call anti-IT girls like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Shailene Woodley―fashion has normcore. The premise: to look as normal as possible.But that’s the thing, normal is completely subjective. The past few months,