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15 Major Fashion Houses and Their Present Creative Directors

Your guide to this ever-changing industry.
Slimane? Gvasalia? Wang? It is said that artistic directors at luxury fashion houses are in a perpetual game of “musical chairs” with designers hopping from one brand to another. It can get a tad bit confusing, and we totally get you! If

10 Luxury Fashion Houses and the Signature Items That Made Them Famous

You can see that it’s Hermès even from a mile away.
Branding is a vital part of any business. Apart from easily recognizable pieces, an iconic item will propel any fashion house to fame. That said, let’s take a look back on 10 luxury brands’ signature fashion pieces that have permanently etched them

A Comparison of the Biggest Fashion Houses' Signature Aesthetics

See how much they’ve changed!
These fashion houses have been around for so long. They’ve created thousands of designs and set trends that have already circled back to today. Aren't you curious how similar or different these power brands have been in the past decade? Between 2006

Fashion A To Z: The Style Bible Designer Dictionary

We aid your tricky problem with the ever tongue-twisting fashion lexicon.
Can you relate if we tell you that even fashion girls have a handful of read-it-but-never-said-it moments when it comes to hard-to-pronounce labels? It happens, moments where you would rather not say it out loud for fear of mispronouncing them, or worse,