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All the '90s Fashion Trends You Can Wear Over and Over Again

These nostalgic trends are the new classic.
If there’s any era referenced for inspiration time and again, it has to be the ‘90s. The century’s penultimate decade was characterized by a hodgepodge of trends, making it difficult to pinpoint just one defining look. There was minimalism, popularized by '90s

All the Cool Girls Who Are Obsessed with Dior's Iconic Saddle Bag

Now we want one, too!
Giddy up, girls! Dior's Saddle bag is back on the scene 20 years since its first release.The house's creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri reintroduced the iconic bag for the luxury brand's Fall/Winter 2018 collection. “The Saddle bag is one of those emblematic pieces

Here's the Funny History Behind Double Denim

People also call it "Canadian tuxedo" for a reason.
"Double denim" is now a pretty common term, rolling off the tongues of cool kids and classicists alike as if it wasn't considered serious faux pas just over a decade ago. Pasts considered, did you know that the rather tricky look was

Check Out How Dresses Have Evolved Over a Hundred Years

From drop waist to cutouts.
Everyone knows fashion as a prolific stream of trends and styles that come back every so often. But once in a while, it's helpful to see how far we've gone. From loose, drop waist silhouettes to curve-enhancing frocks, the video below takes

The Little Black Dress: A Brief History

Fashion #throwback!
As you may already know, fashion's enduring love affair with the little black dress started with Coco Chanel. An undying symbol in French chic, the LBD was once worn only by women in mourning—that is, until the Roaring Twenties.Throw things back until

Here's Something You Didn't Know About Your Favorite Slip Dress

Another leg of fashion history, coming right up.
We're serious when we say "history." Let's throw things back all the way to the #problematic Middle Ages, where the very first traces of the slip dress can be found. A bit later on, the 18th century's style setters Marie Antoinette and

Here's How the Slogan Tee Became a Fashion Statement

We help you brush up on some fashion history.
This year's love affair with the slogan tee may have started with those 'We should all be feminists' t-shirts Maria Grazia Chiuri sent down Dior's Spring/Summer 2017 runway, but people have been besotted with the statement tee for decades and decades.Just another

Here's How Women's Obsession for Heels Has Evolved Through the Years

From 1920s flapper T-straps to Manolo Blahnik stilettos.
Since time immemorial, women have had a crazy obsession for shoes. Even though our love-hate relationship with wearing heels has remained constant (no pain, no gain, right?), a quick crash course on Fashion History 101 will tell you how much we’ve evolved

The Evolution of It Bags Through the Years

Let's take a stroll down memory lane.
We’ve seen the rise and fall of It bags through the years, including the birth of Louis Vuitton Speedy in 1930, the revolutionary success of Chanel's classic quilted handbags in the '60s, and the reign of Hermès Birkin in the '80s before

12 Fashion-Related Signs You Belong to Generation X

Sorry, millennials! This isn’t about you…ish.
With '80s and '90s influences—maximalism and logomania, among others—as key trends this year, no other generation of fashion lovers could attest to the saying “Everything old is new again” more convincingly than Generation X. After all, how often does a generation see

A Timeline of the Most Coveted It Bags Through the Years

Here’s the complete list.
It bags are the holy grail of everything fashionable. It’s a statement piece of arm candy that is coveted by many. And while having the It bag title is quite a loaded term, we’re using it here loosely in definition of bags

His and Hers: Why Unisex Dressing is Totally Okay

Boys will be girls and girls will be boys!
“Male or female?”According to Sigmund Freud, this is the first judgment we make when we meet someone. With cultural gender norms deeply set and ingrained in our society, we have no trouble making that distinction. But if you ask me, I think

Georgetown: A Pocket of Fashion History

In Penang, Malaysia, a quiet little town is waiting to be discovered.
You know those people who travel without plans? I’m guilty of that, and so are the rest of my friends. Glued to our laptops inside a restaurant at the airport, we were working up to the last minute before our flight to

Fashion Take

Be acquainted with the history of Philippine fashion through exciting exhibits at the SM Malls!
Want to know more about the history of Filipino fashion without being buried in tons of dusty history books and old fashion magazines? Try going to the mall—to the Mall of Asia, that is, where Fashion Take: Images of Philippine Dress 1903-2012