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8 Clever Fashion Hacks from TikTok That Actually Work

These TikTok tutorials might just change the way you get dressed.
Time is extremely valuable, and most of us want to get things done in the easiest and simplest way possible—including dressing up. Now, if you want to learn time-saving hacks or instant solutions in the event of a clothing malfunction, then TikTok

All the Ways to Tuck in Your Shirt, According to TikTok

Try out these non-basic ways to style your shirt!
T-shirts are definitely staples in our closets. As much as we love constantly wearing them, it could get repetitive (and boring) at times. Finding ways to switch up our outfits can be quite a challenge, so styling inspo and tips are something

Sewing-Free Clothing Hacks From TikTok You Can Easily Do At Home

You don't need to visit your seamstresses!
On TikTok, it’s relatively easy to find hacks and tips about basically anything. There’s seemingly endless content about food hacks, organization ideas, beauty tips—you name it, and it can all be found on TikTok. When we do not have the time or

7 DIY Tiktok Hacks to Try When Wearing Jeans

These DIY adjustments can instantly solve your jean problem.
If we were to list down this generation’s favorite pastimes, it would probably include watching Tiktoks. From learning trendy dance moves to finding some new recipes, Tiktok’s definitely got a diverse range of content suited for anyone. And to all fashionistas out

3 Fun DIY Fashion Projects You Can Try at Home

No to boredom.
The DIY Designer by Orly Shani is currently one of my favorite YouTube channels, especially now that we're in quarantine. As a fashion person with a chronically stuffed closet, there's bound to be one or two things that I'm never wearing again (or,

How to Wear Leather in Humid Weather

It can be done!
Leather jackets, skirts, pants, shorts and dresses are all very fashion-forward pieces to wear and to own. Whether you’re wearing faux or patent, the material’s distinct finish gives your look that much-needed edge. The only problem is how to pull off a

5 Reasons to Try the Beret Trend Now

We break it down for ya.
We're here to convince you that the beret deserves a place in your closet, on your head, and in your heart. Not even exaggerating. It's the season's accessory du jour for a reason, and admit it: you've seen it on your favorite

5 Clever Ways to Wear Stripes-on-Stripes

Time to experiment!
Even if you're not too keen about mixing prints, going a little bold with stripes should be a different story. It's not only one of the trendiest patterns out there, stripes are also a classic; we're quite sure that you have a

Here's How You Can Wear Heels Without the Pain

Yes, it's possible!
Girls have been led to believe that pain is synonymous to looking pretty—after all, heels not only add extra inches to our height; they also correct our posture automatically. But ladies, by getting to know your shoe, learning the correct way to

DIY Tutorial: How to Fray Your Denim Jeans

Fringe galore!
We have a long fixated obsession for anything denim. A staple in every girl's closet, we especially love our denim jeans. This versatile piece of clothing is comfortable to wear and easy to pair with just about anything we have in our

The 25 Key Pieces You Need for a Stylish Summer

These are everything you'll ever need this season!
Summer is officially here! And with that in mind, we're quite sure you've already planned out a couple of getaways with family and friends. As you pack your overnight bags, be sure you have all your summer essentials in one bag! And

5 Tips to Help You Get Dressed Faster in the Morning

Start your day right!
"I have nothing to wear," is every fashion girl's cry when we look at our closet. This can immediately turn into a frantic scream in the morning when you've got less than an hour to get ready and you have no idea

Here’s How You Can Wear Fishnet Tights Like a Fashion Girl

Add some edge to your outfit!
Fishnet stockings are one of those accessories that you’d think twice about before purchasing. How can you wear them without looking like you’re part of a dance production, right? We know you end up telling yourself you can never pull them off

3 New and Trendy Ways to Wear Your White Button-Down

It’s not as difficult as it seems!
The deconstructed shirt trend was a big hit last fall and we’ll still feel its aftermath this coming spring. Who wouldn’t love it anyway? It looks so chic and effortless you’ll want to bare your shoulders even in the cold months. But

3 Unexpected Ways to Layer in the Tropics

Bet you didn't think of these tricks!
Layering clothes is what we do to create new outfits from our existing pool of clothes. But when that cami top and shirt combo is already exhausted and layering on a cardigan is too boring, how else can we spruce up old

4 Office Items That Can Solve Your Fashion Emergencies

Everything you need is on your desk.
You’ve probably had your fair share of wardrobe malfunctions at the most inopportune times at work. It’s not easy to deal with a tear on your blouse or a lose button on your slacks just before an important meeting, but don’t worry–there

5 High Heel Hacks Every Girl Should Know

You don't need to sacrifice comfort for style anymore.
Since the beginning of time, women have had a love-hate relationship with high heels, thus the saying "sacrifice for beauty." They hurt like hell when worn too long, they cause blisters that make you want to cry, and hey, they even make

Tip Tuesday: How to Remove Sweater Fluff

It’s super easy!
Don’t you just hate it when your favorite knit sweater get all that unwanted fluff from overuse? No one wants himulmol and unless you layer a jacket over it (which is not something you can always do in our tropical country) the

5 Styling Hacks Every Girl Must Know

A double-tap worthy #OOTD? This cheat sheet will make it easy-peasy!
‘Tis is the season to take lots of #OOTDs! But just a piece of advice, ladies: heavy partying can also mean cramming, outfit fails, and more #fashiongirlproblems. If you want your fashion moments to be immortalized via Instagram, make sure you remain